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2015 Web Tech Update

So, many of the trends which we expected to continue from 2014 to 2015 in our 2015 Web Tech Update.

Google Search Optimisation

It’s getting more complicated … and simpler. Google is still keeping it’s search algorithms under wraps and for good reason. No one wants to go back to the old days of tricking Google. But in addition to the basics of using social media, building links back to your site from other quality websites and writing good, useful content for your site – we have noticed an increase in the sophistication of how Google recognises ‘spammy’ content.

For many websites, ours included, content was written with the intention of being recognised as important and relevant for specific terms, say ‘digital design agency’ in this case. E-creation was number one in Google for many years worldwide for the term and it generated huge amounts of business for us. However, the way that our sentences ‘read’ to the public were overly complex and loaded with the term.

Google is placing increased emphasis on natural sounding language which is easy for people to read, as it is an indication of authenticity of content. So, we are now revising our entire website to simplify the way our content reads with shorter sentences & simpler words.


E-commerce Just Keeps Getting Bigger

We create four e-commerce websites per year on average for clients. Whilst the design & coding of the website itself may take as little as two weeks, the creation of product information, implementing page forwarding from old product references in Google & creating associated marketing elements can take many more weeks on top.

What is obvious to us is how much of the traditional retail is going online. As more and more stores go online, the competition is getter tougher BUT people are shopping more and more online. Even for very specialised products, such as oversized beds, steam cleaners for clothes and headphones for DJs, there always seems to be more people willing to purchase online if you have a product to sell.

So, whilst we have seen some clients go from zero to turnovers in excess of ┬ú1.2 million within a a year, they are selling highly commoditised products which the consumer now feels comfortable to rely on social media & reviews, for products which normally would require a ‘look and feel’ visit to a store. This does emphasis the importance of an overall e-commerce strategy that focuses on your online credibility, especially for products which do not have intrinsic brand values to rely on (e.g. Calvin Klein boxer shorts are a known quality & experience, so price becomes a deciding factor whereas purchasing an unbranded sink needs a far stronger online experience with social bias confirmation to replace the ‘look and feel’ experience┬áto encourage a┬ápurchase).

That is why we are continually evolving our e-commerce experience service offering. For Deadheads, E-creation is producing a series of video edits featuring DJs & musicians using headphones in nightclubs, at festivals & in studios together with a video testimonials by those experts on the quality & unique features. This content is embedded directly into the e-commerce website to provide credible & authentic social proof for customers that they are making the right decision – even when a product might be a new brand to them.


Magento’s E-commerce Platform is REALLY Good For Mobiles Out of the Box

We keep banging on about how effective Magento is – but the latest 1.9.1 version of Magento is so good for mobile e-commerce, its scary. It is now possible to setup a mobile commerce enable website in under a week and for a fraction of the cost we were having to charge just one year ago. With more than 50% of all e-commerce transactions happening on mobile platforms – it is just not possible for businesses to compete without having an effective mobile strategy in place.