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3 Mike Mayhew downed Brandon Nam, 9 8

at least 15 dead as fires rage in northern california

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Elena Rios, 7, unwraps a bike during an event where Whittier Police Department handed out gifts for needy families at the Whittier Community Center in Whittier, Calif. On Saturday, Dec. With the engine idling, air conditioner on full, headlights on high beam, radio on and foot on the brake, put the engine in gear automatic transmission only and turn the steering wheel all the way to one side, then the other. Everything should continue to run smoothly, he says, and there shouldn’t be any bounces or surges.

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This is very hard to believe, since it corresponds to a married couple with an annual net taxable income (gross minus deductions) of about $200,000 and a house worth about $500,000. It is hard to believe this is the county average of those who itemize.

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Ehud Barak, the army chief of staff, said two of the three slain soldiers were recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union and had received only a few weeks of basic training. Other officers said some of the soldiers at the camp were so new that they were not sure how to use their weapons.