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4 Now, Nagel’s predecessor, perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, also

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Twilly smells good, but it does not hold my interest after the first 15 minutes or so.4 Now, Nagel’s predecessor, perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, also tended towards restraint, and I’d be hard pressed to put in words just why it is that his fragrances rarely bored me. Mind, I did not like everything he produced, but I am pretty sure there were never four Ellena releases in a row that I did not want to own. I’m at four now with Nagel: I did not feel the need to buy Eau de Rhubarbe carlate, Galop, Eau des Merveilles Bleue or Twilly, except..

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The common size of a makeup bag is 15cm by 10cm but you will find all types of sizes, needless to say so youll obtain a smaller or larger cosmetic bag if you need it. For everyday use, a cosmetic bag really should be of a size that fits into your handbag easily. It is possible to organise your makeup by variety so eye makeup all goes into a single cosmetic bag even though powder, concealer and foundation can go into a different.

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