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48 metres also got him the junior world record

“They’re jeopardizing everybody else that works in the facility, and we cannot tolerate that.”The program in Maryland has only been in place for a couple of months, but already its three cell phone dogs have found nearly two dozen phones. That doesn’t count the phones inmates ditch when they hear the dogs coming, officials say.”Well, we’ve had them flush ’em down the toilets and we’ve had them throw ’em off the upper levels of some of the tiers,” says Anderson.Trainers say that every item has a unique signature scent that dogs can pick up, so they can distinguish the scent of a cell phone from the smell of a television set or other item.The program has been so successful that Maryland officials say prison officials from several other states have contacted them requesting help in training dogs.The three dogs being used are a Belgian Malinois, a German shepherd mix and a springer spaniel. In addition, corrections officers have 20 drug dogs and 11 patrol dogs..

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