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The great prayer of Sayyid Ahmad bin Idris
God, I ask you with the light of your great face

Who filled the pillars of the great throne of God

and the great worlds of God

To pray for Maulana Muhammad the great destiny

The great prophet of God

The greatness of the great God
Praying for him and his family like that, and combining me and him as I have brought together the soul and the soul. O Lord, O soul, in all faces, in this world before the Hereafter. M.

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== The twenty-tenth of the month of Rajab al-Khair….. For the year 1434 __ Hijri and that after the evening prayer….

Yahya the concert of the poet / Abdel Aziz Salam and the brother band Abu Shaar
< > By singing poetry in the love of God and praising His Messenger and describing the cases and positions of Al-Bayt

by Dr.