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London Fashion Trends – Fall Fashion Prints

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Forgoing the postage stamp and Ming Vase motifs of previous seasons, the designer , who first sparked the photorealistic print trend, opted for splashy photo prints.

Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi chose a subtle black-and-red spattering on their princess coat.

Black and white needn’t be dull Canada Goose outlet , as evidenced by this Marjan Pejoski-designed ensemble.

Marbled motifs worthy of a lava lamp decorated Henry Holland’s rave-inspired lineup.

Fulton’s cool-girl scribble-scrabble prints are just the thing for a London It girl out at the Box.

Leave it to Kane to sex up tried-and-true camo.

Pilotto and Christopher DeVos embellished their signature digital prints with micro flowers.

Perennially beloved for his florals, the designer went in a darker direction this season with Gothic blooms.

For her show titled “Hey Crazy,” Gray drew inspiration from elderly eccentrics.

Elvis’ ’50’s heyday inspired the upstart’s collection, including these newsprint-patterned pants.

The duo enlivened their girlie frocks with deconstructed florals.

No wonder Kanye West and Rita Ora are fans: Eary’s baroque prints are worth taking note of.

Only Olowu could mix ornate botanicals with ’70s patterns so deftly.

Hello, Dalí: Surrealism got a fresh imprimateur on the Canadian transplant’s wares.

The Pop Art-style comic book illustrations were a bit out of character for the usually pared-down Anderson.

The London label’s cheeky animal illustrations were created with artist Polly Morgan.

London Fashion Trends – Fall Fashion Prints

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