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And we shouldn underestimate the capacity of insect brains to

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buy canada goose jacket Dembski pwned again: ant trails and intelligent designIf you into ants and who isn can do better than follow biologist Alex Wild excellent blog Myrmecos (the study of ants is called It one of the best taxon specific blogs around.Alex doesn like to deal with creationists, but made an exception when Intelligent Design (ID) advocate William Dembski started making pronouncements on ants. Noting that ants tend to take the shortest path between colony entrances (they also do this when travelling between a colony entrance and a food source), Dembski, writing on February 18 at the ID site canada goose outlet 80 off Uncommon Descent, pronounced this feat inexplicable by natural selection (ergo Jesus):Now here’s an interesting twist: Colonies of ants, when they make tracks from one colony to another minimize path length and thereby also solve the Steiner Problem (see “Ants Build Cheapest Network”). So what does this mean in evolutionary terms? In ID terms, there’s no problem ants were designed with various capacities, canada goose factory outlet toronto location and this either happens to be one of them or is one acquired through other programmed/designed capacities.I trust good Darwinists will take this in without skipping a beat, mumbling something like “evolution sure is amazing” or “natural selection is cleverer than us.” Dispassionate minds might wonder if something deeper is at stake here.( deeper, of course, means Jesus.)Well, if Dembski had bothered to learn anything about ant trails (and this takes only a few minutes of Googling), he would have realized that embedded in the ants canada goose outlet tiny brains is not an evolutionary algorithm for solving the Steiner problem, but a simple rule combined with a fact of chemistry: ants follow their own pheromone trails, and those pheromones are volatile. As Wild explains, ants start out making circuitous paths, but more pheromone evaporates from the canada goose outlet mississauga longer ones because ants take longer to traverse them while laying down their own scent. The result is that the shortest paths wind up marked with the most pheromone, and ants follow canada goose outlet miami the strongest scents.Wild shows a nice simulation video on his site, demonstrating how, given these simple assumptions, ants wind up taking the shortest trails.Before we say that evolution can explain a canada goose victoria parka outlet behavior, it behooves us to learn as much as we can about that behavior. Dembski didn learn jack. And we shouldn underestimate the capacity of insect brains to store complicated information, or of evolutionists to decipher how that capacity evolved. A good example is the waggle dance of honeybees.Alex is actually pretty soft on Dembski, for after pwning him Wild says,In Dembski’s defense, his error is a common one. Ant canada goose outlet store uk societies share enough superficial similarities to human ones that the tendency to anthropomorphize is strong. It is too easy to assume ants solve complex problems the way we humans do, with smart individuals applying brainpower to puzzle them out.I am not as forgiving. Dembski canada goose clothing uk is not just an average joe expressing bewilderment at the intelligence of ants. He is supposedly conversant with evolution and biology, and is making a pronouncement against evolution in a prominent place. He should have done his homework. Thanks to Alex for correcting him, and for demonstrating the unjustified eagerness of creationists like Dembski to say couldn canada goose outlet florida have done that. minds, indeed.course he’s heard of it, canada goose outlet niagara falls he canada goose outlet store montreal just knows his audience hasn’t, mostly. think that right. I used to know one intelligent Christian apologist who deliberately distorted and suppressed the evidence in order to make her argument sound stronger than it actually was. She thought that she was justified. canada goose jacket outlet uk It was legitimate, she thought, to use any strategy to defeat the devil, including a lieI think her would probably proceed shakily along these lines, has to be wrong, however there seems to be a lot of evidence for canada goose outlet online uk it, some of which I can understand well enough to argue against. If I can refute the evidence, I better distort it so that people think I refuted it. It fair to do that because canada goose outlet price it really is wrong, I just can show why it wrong. It just seems so plain upon reading or listening to his arguments that he is really not very buy canada goose uk intelligent at all. His ideas and his arguments are simplistic and really rather juvenile. And his behaviour is often canada goose outlet boston like that of a petulant child.Ants on the other hand are absolutely fascinating. Yet canada goose outlet eu another example of how simple properties can yield much more complex results. Dembski has no imagination. He is so biased that he is incapable of learning.Even without Wild explanation, as an abject layperson I was able to spot two really stupid things in Dembski blatherings:1) Why canada goose outlet uk fake a genetic algorithm? Perhaps Dembski is confusing terms here, meaning that it is an algorithm coded for by genes, as opposed to an actual genetic algorithm? But then he says the whole thing about self similarity, which makes me thing he meant exactly what he canada goose outlet 2015 said: A true genetic algorithm, coded for with genes. But why would he just assume that? That is so odd The Steiner problem may be NP complete, but that doesn mean there aren plenty of good heuristic solutions. Anybody who knows enough about computer science to know what a genetic algorithm is is guaranteed to know full well what recursion is, and how powerful it is at solving exactly these sorts of problems.It not necessarily fast nor efficient. But, if you canada goose outlet canada can throw enough resources at it, it will solve the problem. Since the problem at hand isn especially hard and since the ants have vast resources at hand, the only surprise would be if the ants didn solve the problem.When it comes right down to it, that all that evolution itself really is: a simple recursive function: make stuff from what you have, make stuff from what you made, make stuff from what you made, make stuff from what you made works that way, too.Yes, indeed, although it doesn have to be true that Dembski readers are dumb, which is why his offense is so grievous. Lots of canada goose outlet toronto factory people, seeing the part in front of his name are not going to pursue the topic much further than what Dembski has posted.The intellectual crime will be that Dembski, now corrected elegantly and efficiently by Alex Wild, will not go back and make a correction to his canada goose jacket outlet toronto post. Dembski will allow his errant nonsense to stand, knowing that he is effectively lying to his readers.These religious types are fundamentally dishonest. That why they keep trotting out the same old examples of complexity that have been refuted long ago. That why intellectual con artists like William Lane Craig keep repeating the lie that there are five for the canada goose outlet uk existence of god. They are comparable to mathematicians who would indoctrinate their students with the false belief that it is possible to square the circle. Such mathematicians don exist, of course, because in mathematics, unlike religion, truth is considered important.Lying for Jesus is a most ancient tradition, one that was first formalized when Eusebius stole the principle wholesale from Plato. (Eusebius, it must be noted, was the first to the amazing account of Jesus that Josephus didn write, centuries after Josephus died.)It actually a very similar mindset to that of the accommodationists: the goal is not canada goose parka outlet uk the furtherance of rational evaluation of evidence, but instead winning lots of people to your team. It okay to tell lies (such as complexity if they bring people closer to Jesus, and it just as okay to tell lies (such as the harmonious compatibility of prayerful faith and investigative science) if it convinces them to in Darwinism.can anyone, professionally employed in the god canada goose parka uk scam business, knowingly lie? isn the sheep that are liars, it is the men of cloth that pretends the emperor isn naked in order to be able to fleece some more. There is plenty of anecdote, but maybe not yet statistics, goose outlet canada that many church men are irreligious but choose to lie because they are stuck.Of course likely most of the high up in the hierarchy made their choice not because they were afraid of the alternative but because they liked the outcome, or worse the scam itself. Dembski is likely not one of them however, he is famous for canada goose outlet ottawa burning his bridges. In recent perspective, Dembski is the Ceauescu/al Gadaffi of ID he will go down with the sinking ship because that is all that he has left himself buy canada goose jacket.