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The Riyada Professional Training and Consulting Academy announces the opening of the registration process for the basic program in the supervisor and the inspector of the lifting and the basicization (Riping and Slinging Program)

– > Cairo, Alexandria and Beni Suef

** The date of the Cairo session:
Thursday 11/8/2016 For the duration of two days
6th October City – 11th District behind Abdullah bin Dawood Mosque

** Dates of the Alexandria course:
Thursday 25/8/2016 For two days > At the following address:
Al Reyadah Professional Academy for Training and Consultancy in Alexandria

360 El Nasr Tower – Gamal Abdel Nasser St. – El Asafra El Bahria – br> ** Date of the session of Beni Suef:
Thursday 8/9/2016 for two days

Course Name: Basic Rigging and Slinging Program
, which includes three touch A) Lifting Gears b) Lifting Equipment c) Lifting Supervisor.

Course Objectives: • Attendees will be able to check their lifting tools before the beginning of work and during the work such as checking (SPI cloth – SPI steel – Sabban track – locks – Blanckhat – Rattat – Tarfohat –

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