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Aside from those, she’s also an excellent herbalist and a

10 Manga Like Akatsuki no Yona Yona of the Dawn

About Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)Akatsuki no Yona (also known as Yona of the Dawn) follows the legendary tale of Princess Yona canada goose outlet online uk as she transforms from a spoiled, pampered crown princess to a tenacious, skillful, and kind warrior princess!

Having had her kingdom stolen from herself and her family, Princess Yona virtually lost everything! And so, she’s now on a quest for vengeance and redemption. The weak princess is no more! What Yona is now is a princess who will fight for her kingdom and bring it back to its former glory even if she has to put her life on the line!

Given the huge reception for Akatsuki no Yona, it’s enough proof that it’s quite good as a manga. And so, with all the shoujo/action/historical/drama elements in it in mind, this list was crafted! Thus, here you go! Read the manga like Akatsuki no Yona and immerse yourself in excitement and enjoyment.

Shirayuki is young woman with a name that literally means “Snow White.” With her moniker sounding like how it is since she was born, is she actually in for a fairy tale kind of life? Sure, it’s possible, and she even has another quirk her hair is red! Shirayuki is Snow White with the red hair!

Shirayuki’s beauty and her gorgeous red hair are her redeeming qualities. Aside from those, she’s also an excellent herbalist and a strong woman with a heart of gold. One day, a desperate prince tries to force her into concubinage. Of course, Shirayuki is fully against it! And so, she cuts her hair and flees to the neighboring country where she fatefully meets her destined person.

This is Shirayuki’s canada goose uk size guide story. This is the fairy tale of Snow White with the red hair!

To unite all people and make the lands fertile and prosperous, this is Sarasa’s dream. She wishes to achieve her dreams, especially that she knows that her twin brother, Tatara, is the child of fate who will help in making her dreams come true. Then, destiny interferes! Her brother, Tatara, is killed!

Why in the world is the child of fate dead?! Who will save the world now? An idea suddenly pops up in Sarasa’s mind. She will continue the life of Tatara by disguising as canada goose outlet uk him and fulfill the prophecy. With everything in order, Sarasa is on her way to defeat the “Red King” and bring salvation to the land.

In a nation divided by four countries, peace is but a fleeting dream. Especially when a king from one of the countries took wives from two of the remaining countries, the balance started to shatter!

Aki is the daughter of the first queen. With the emergence of the second queen and her son, Aki and her mother were cast aside! Aki did not waste any time though. She trained in the Six Arts with the help of a golden haired, blue eyed boy named Hakusei. And so, she was able to outshine the son of the second queen, which then lead to a forbidding event her mother’s murder and cheap canada goose montreal her banishment!

Everything was caused by the second queen and her son. But, Aki will never give up! With the help of Hakusei and her own skills, she vows to return to her country and put an end to the people who caused her unjust suffering and grief!

Nakaba and Caesar are getting married! Both of them won’t be marrying each other out of love though. They’re getting married because it’s the only way to stop their countries from engaging in further warfare! And for Nakaba, a terrible problem follows her red hair is detested in Caesar’s canada goose mens jacket black friday country!

With Nakaba’s red hair and her forced circumstances, life is just starting to let loose hell on her! She’s highly discriminated and is in a relationship that she never wanted! Luckily, she still has her loyal attendant by her side. And then it happens! Aki suddenly foresees the future canada goose black friday toronto of Caesar, and he is to die!

Knowing what will happen in the future, will Aki save Caesar’s life? Or will she let canada goose uk reviews him die and end their absurd union?

Chang Ge Li buy canada goose uk is the daughter of the crown prince of Tang Dynasty. She was raised to cultivate her intelligence rather than her beauty. And so, when the right moment came, she uses her wits to survive and exact revenge on the abominations who betrayed her and her canada goose outlet edmonton family.

It all started with the murder of her whole family. Using her wits, she flees and disguises as a boy. Her name, identity, and gender were all masked only to wait for the right moment to strike back!

And so, Chang Ge Li’s story of revenge begins!

Hailing from the Rain Dukedom is the princess who can call forth the rain with a whim Nike Remercier! From the Sun Kingdom is the king who conquered the lands in three years and has the blessings of the sun Livius Ornivus Ifrikia! Both are bound to marry each other, much to Nike’s reluctance. But, it’s all for unity and peace!

As Nike ventures into the Sun Kingdom, she comes upon its king, Livius. Surprisingly, Livius is actually just a child, and he has his own oddities! On their first meeting, what Livius asks from Nike is none other canada goose outlet trillium parka black than call forth the rain!

What are Livius’ intentions? What is the secret behind his existence? Is he really the person who Nike is going to marry?

The northern and southern kingdoms are at war! The war has been terrible and dreadful. It’s all for naught! Good thing the respective prince and princess of the kingdoms have come up with a plan. And the plan? It’s to fake their romantic relationship and bring peace to both their kingdoms once and for all!

The plan, the romance, the relationship everything is Canada Goose online going well! Well, except the two aren’t really getting along well! They’re opposites, and they actually hate each other. But, for the sake of peace, differences can canada goose outlet in chicago be disregarded. Hence, a new beginning manifests! And from this beginning, comes the sprouting of a new cheap canada goose love.

All that Chouko cheap canada goose Manaka ever wanted was to live a life of her own and have many friends. But, due to her being the heiress of the Manaka family, canada goose jacket outlet sale she’s always surrounded canada goose coats by bodyguards. And so, high school life has come, and Chouko’s hunger for independence has also intensified.

Chouko’s father nods canada goose clothing uk to Chouko’s wish with one condition come graduation, she must have found her very own trustworthy and capable right hand man. Thus, Chouko’s pre independent life at Mizuno o Shinobi High School begins!

Whilst enjoying life as a teenager of the modern age, Yuri gets the greatest surprise of her life when she is forced to travel back in time only to be summoned by an evil queen. The time period is ancient Anatolia and the place is the Hittite Empire. Why was she summoned? Yuri shall soon find out.

The reason behind Yuri’s summoning is because the queen wants to use her blood for evil. The queen wants to knock off competition to the throne by means of some underhanded measures. Luckily, a prince by the name Kail is on the rescue for Yuri!

What in the world is happening? Why is she in the past? Will she ever be able to come back to her time? Well, Yuri must pass through all the hurdles and difficulties if she ever wants to survive and come back to her own time in one piece.

Leticia is in a royal mess! Even though she is the princess of the kingdom, she never had thought about ruling it or even acting as its leader. Also, she has two brothers who are more deserving than she is of the throne. But, as the king has already set his plans into motion, Leticia must comply!

Not only does Leticia have no knowledge in running a kingdom, she also has no idea about politics and such. And so, she has no knights and loyal subjects to confide with. But, she has no choice! If she doesn’t want the kingdom to enter a state of civil war in the future, then she must do her best in order to stand above her brothers and competitors.