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Award-winning E-creation moves into £3million Enterprise Pavilion bringing digital NLP to Bournemouth

Award-winning E-creation moves into £3million Enterprise Pavilion bringing
digital NLP to Bournemouth

E-creation, winner of the Thames Valley Business of the Year award in 2000, has opened new offices at the 3 million pound enterprise Pavilion in Bournemouth. As one of the UKΓÇÖs leading creative agencies, E-creation will bring the brightest design and programming minds in Dorset together to deliver CD-ROMs, websites & Intranets businesses that are ΓÇÿjust that little bit sharperΓÇÖ.

An example of E-creationΓÇÖs ΓÇÿjust that little bit sharperΓÇÖ philosophy is reflected E-creation approach to creating written content for websites. E-creation recently started applying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the written content of websites, which has resulting in some stunning improvements in ΓÇÿactionΓÇÖ rates. The site, for example, saw a 300% increase enquiries within the first week of applying digital NLP to the site content.

ΓÇ£We donΓÇÖt talk the usual rubbish about ΓÇÿdelivering highly effective solutions for improve ROIΓÇÖ.
E-creation simply gets on with building cool digital tools that not only look great, but that actually do something that makes people take notice. In our ΓÇÿinformation overloadΓÇÖ society, it is far too easy to add to the everyday ΓÇÿmarketing noiseΓÇÖ without really being heard by anyoneΓÇ£ says Jan-Erik Paul, Managing Director of E-creation. ΓÇ£We build every CD-ROM, website & Intranet from scratch to the exact specification of the client ΓÇô after we have educated them in the potential of each of those mediumsΓÇ¥.

The Bournemouth office will focus on the creative edge of marketing ΓÇô working on projects such as USB memory stick presentations, marketing tools for portable DVD players and personalised Flash adverts for website, whilst the London office will deliver the bulk of programming & technical services.

On the site, E-creation have made available a free Digital Marketing Analysis (DMA) document which companies can use to do a basic ΓÇÿauditΓÇÖ of the state of their digital marketing. We hope that this will open the minds of local businesses to the type of thinking that makes a business successful online. Clients include IBM, BT, 3com, Royal Bank of Scotland, Learning & Skills Council, NHS, Unisys, BP, Cisco, SEEDA & UK Trade & Investment.

E-creation ΓÇô The Design CouncilΓÇÖs ΓÇÿTop 10 Growth AgencyΓÇÖ, Design WeekΓÇÖs ΓÇÿTop 100ΓÇÖ & Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce ΓÇÿBusiness of the YearΓÇÖ ΓÇô

A The Enterprise Pavilion, Fern Barrow, Wallisdown, Poole, BH12 5HH
T 01202 853685
F 01202 853501

E-creationΓÇÖs Digital Marketing Analysis 05 worksheet


1. Would it take less than 3 minutes to read your brochure for start to finish? And would you, honestly, take that amount of time to read someone elseΓÇÖs brochure? Yes No
2. Did you know that people remember 2 syllable words more easily than one or three syllable words? And if so, how many syllables is your company name? Yes No

1. Do you know where you site ranks in Google for your company name? Yes No
2. Have you researched the keywords that potential clients would put into search engines or have you assumed you know what they would look for? Yes No
3. Do you have any way of checking how many people visit your website (and where they are coming from?) Yes No
4. How often do you change the content on your website (and did you know that research has shown that after ΓÇÿlook and feelΓÇÖ, the date information on the homepage was updated is the most influence decision making factor?) Yes No

1. Do you have an animated presentation (NOT Powerpoint) which your sales people can instantly and easily change the recipientΓÇÖs name? Yes No
2. Do you use the words ΓÇÿinnovativeΓÇÖ, ΓÇÿcommunicateΓÇÖ, ΓÇÿdeliveryΓÇÖ, ΓÇÿeffectiveΓÇÖ or ΓÇÿsolutionΓÇÖ in your presentation? Did you realise that these are ΓÇÿinvisibleΓÇÖ words that people tune out due to marketing ΓÇÿnoiseΓÇÖ? Yes No
3. Do you communication by fact or emotion? And if you are honest with yourself, do you buy on fact or on a gut reaction to a person or product? Yes No

1. Are you able to update information on marketing CD-ROMs that have been sent directly from your own desktop? Yes No
2. Do you get statistics on how many people actually look at your CD-ROM when
you send it out? Yes No
3. Have you ever tried putting multimedia content sent out to prospective clients onto any media apart from CD-ROM, such as memory sticks? Yes No

If you answered ΓÇÿnoΓÇÖ to any of these questions, then we would suggest getting in contact with E-creation to discuss how we can improve your digital marketing performances on 01202 85 36 85.

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