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Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Advanced Search Home Search Search Register Register Memberlist Memberlist Usergroups Usergroups Register Register Log in Log in Current date / 8 February – 6 pm Cairo Time Four training hours – 3 days a week for five weeks
Program of the trainer of linguistic programming and nervousness
About the program As for the Academy Ajyad Academy The advantages to be presented in the course Obtaining a certificate from the Academy of Ajyad for each A program on my own
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Tigris Landmark in the heart of Nasr City specifically the entrance of Nasr City from the axis of Marshal Tantawi 5 minutes from the 90th Street and 5 minutes from Abbas El Akkad Street and 10 minutes from the airport Tigris Landmark develops in the future of architecture in Egypt because it is considered one of the largest buildings Integrated in the world (residential / commercial) The building is 62,000 m2 with 15 acres consisting of land, 11 floors and two garage floors. The choice of Curtain Wall destinations allows natural light to pass through and the dust and noise are washed. The largest commercial mall on 10 acres + swimming pool + industrial lakes
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