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Ben ΓÇ£The Day begins …ΓÇ¥ ΓÇô First creative design session for new client

ΓÇ£The Day begins …ΓÇ¥ ΓÇô First creative design session for new client

Monday 23rd November was my first day working with Jan-Erik. We started with the plan of action for the day and an overview of the many projects that E-creation is currently operating.

At the Enterprise Pavilion in Wallisdown we had a meeting with George, one of the creative designers who works with E-creation. In the creative session, possible creative treatments and ideas for an online marketing project were bounced around.

Jan-Erik took the initial brief on Friday, so the project is moving along very quickly.

The challenge faced was how to communicate ΓÇÿfixing marketing chaosΓÇÖ within 90 seconds online, to a company CEO or marketing director. Two main ideas resonated from the 2 hour brainstorming meeting:

– Mr Men style characters
– Push the Button

Both directions have created unique design challenges for the design team to resolve and business problems that I have been asked to look into. For Mr. Men, we needed to establish the legal position of using a similar design style, without infringing the Roger Hargreaves copyright, which is owned by Chorion Limited, check out the website

For the ΓÇÿPush the ButtonΓÇÖ concept, it was suggested to use of the track ΓÇÿGalvanizeΓÇÖ by the Chemical Brothers, as it uses the phrase ΓÇÿPush the buttonΓÇÖ. Check it out now on Youtube