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Berlingual | logo & website

E-creation created an internationally appropriate brand & website with clever ‘linguistic’ creativity for growing language school in Berlin.


Business-Business-CardsE-creation started by creating a company name to communicate the business values ‘professional English training in Berlin’. Berlingual was the resulting brand name with E-creation providing design for brand, stationary & website.

Using ‘clever’ visual design is at the heart of E-creation’s approach to design. Our design team used ‘visual linguistic metaphors’ that reflected the premise ‘business communication is not just translation’. By using common English business metaphors translated literally into German, the ‘unintended’ errors of meaning demonstrate the complexity of business English.

To help websites rankings in Google, E-creation created ΓÇÿGerman language road signsΓÇÖ throughout the site with key paragraphs translated and discretely integrated into the design.