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Dude I’m sick of seeing it too. I work in a busy hotel with a night club that predominately caters towards R hop fans. Some of the shit I see is fucking gross. uk canada goose outlet These are full grown males canada goose black friday sale acting like females should be grateful they’re talking to them. It’s disgusting. And as an employee all I can do is ask if they want me to canada goose outlet store call security. Anything above that I risk my job.Albeit it goes both ways. Some of my male employees and I have had unwanted sexual advances by women. But we’re adults and professionals. It hard but canada goose outlet she should not feel ashamed or embarassed when it happens because it canada goose clearance sale canada goose outlet reviews them that should feel ashamed.Please tell her it okay to tell an adult “no” or “I don like that, please leave me alone”. That canada goose canada goose black friday sale outlet canada saying these things is NOT inherently rude and that you will always canada goose outlet canada goose coats sale back her up 100% on goose outlet canada this no matter who the adult is.Just because someone acts canada goose outlet toronto factory like it a compliment, doesn mean she has to accept it as one. I think canada goose outlet nyc as a painfully shy canada goose canada goose factory sale outlet kid canada goose store that was canada goose outlet uk sale the hardest to learn.Best of luck and thank you for canada goose uk shop anticipating your daughter needs!I wish I had an answer for you. Women have been canada goose outlet store uk dealing with this shit for millennia, but we still no closer to an answer.The only thing I would suggest is, talk to her about feminism, about consent, about boundaries and how to set them. But more importantly, and show her that you are an ally. If some guy you Canada Goose Parka know, who is otherwise a “good guy” makes mysogynystic jokes, or is creepy or inappropriate “as a joke,” call out that shit. Don let it slide.Because the stuff you trying to protect her from canada goose outlet in usa is going to happen, no matter how much you shelter her. Best you can hope for is that you build canada goose outlet online uk a cheap canada goose uk foundation where she:a. has some idea what going on andb. knows you won canada goose factory outlet let it slide because”he didn mean anything by it.”Honestly, the second part is the hardest. Because these will be you friends people you genuinely like who probably, don actually want to fuck your daughter, but enjoy the subtle power play of pushing boundaries a little. Because most of the comments are fairly innocuous in themselves.It not like the say “hey baby, wanna fuck?” It more like, over complimenting in a way that could be completely Canada Goose sale innocent, but makes you feel uncomfortable anyway. It constant, subtle tests canada goose coats on sale of your boundaries, from canada goose outlet online how close people stand to canada goose uk black friday how long they look to how they comment canadian goose jacket on your appearance. It often nothing that she can say “This thing! It buy canada goose jacket cheap clearly breaks the Canada Goose Jackets rules!” canada goose outlet black friday And it pretty much constant once it starts. If canada goose outlet new york city I were writing that comment, I would not have done that. If you simply pointed out that you found canada goose outlet parka the generalization unfair, I would have upvoted you and gone canada goose jacket outlet on my way.But here buy canada goose jacket the thing, I didn reply to your comment because of the generalization in it. It because you doing the thing where you invalidate an issue primarily experienced by group A, that is really difficult to convey to members of group B (who primary do not experience this issue) because it can happen to members of group B sometimes. Women are hypersexualized, men are taught that we disgusting and terrifying. That no woman wants to do sexual things with us, and if we try to court them, we harassing them.I hated Canada Goose Online myself for a long time because I believed that all men are sexual Canada Goose Outlet deviants who uk canada goose treat women like crap, and I was born one of them.Then I saw women specifically pick the men who treated them the worst, and it broke me. The hatred became all encompassing. canada goose uk outlet I hated myself, and I hated women for being disgusted with me despite my attempts to be as friendly Canada Goose online and nonthreatening as possible.Eventually I found balance and truth. Neither side is evil. Neither side has it better. We just have canada goose clearance our roles to play, and some very loud people are canada goose outlet canada goose uk unhappy with that, teaching young people to official canada goose outlet hate canada goose outlet jackets others for natural interactions.I know this is an aside, but a friend of mine has a 10 year old daughter who got involved in an online relationship with an older guy. She knew how old canada goose outlet shop he was too. She was clearly Canada Goose Coats On Sale being sucked into a sex ring of some kind, but her mom found out before she met the guy in person. The conversations she was having with this man were so fucked up. It was super sexual and weird. The little girl was saying some really really perverse stuff for a 10 year old girl. This wasn a one sided victimization like you would cheap Canada Goose expect. Really really scary stuff.