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Android & iPhone development


E-creation makes Android & iPhone app development easy. We use clever technology platforms, like PhoneGap, to access the smartphone functionality on Android & iPhone platforms. Using these technologies enables us to develop apps faster and more robustly, which translates into development cost savings.

We code we create can access GPS information, take photos, view contacts and more, directly through browser technology. This approach reduces app development costs – and makes for more flexible app that can be updated and tuned on an ongoing basis without the need to submit to the Apple App store repeatedly.


E-creation provides app development for both large organisations and smaller startup businesses – but it is worth noting, that no matter how efficient the approach, app development is not cheap. App testing must be done on across a variety of phones to ensure that things work correctly.

Case study for National Union of Teachers App Development

NUT More Info Page-tiltshift(1)E-creation has been the app developers of choice for the National Union of Teachers for several years now, helping the NUT to deliver multiple apps using responsive app code to deliver:

Course content pages to be built using content from an XML file which we will specify to the client with an example file
Geo location capture using in-browser Javascript geo location to map the closest courses found from the XML file (containing lat/long information for each course)
Option to enter postcode manually (if geo location is unavailable via browser called geo location requests) and map using a postcode to lat/long database
Course booking through a form (with latest availability, time and location details for the course) that sends a URL string with details for NUT to process
Link to an iCal files for each course (works on most calendar programs)
Link to Google Directions to the two training centre’s using ‘start geo location’ if possible through in-browser Javascript geo information
Flip orientation functionality so application can be viewed landscape & portrait (responsive design)
‘Add app icon’ functionality to link to the hybrid app (this may work on limited platforms)