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Custom Magento E-commerce

Serious Magento E-commerce Developers

E-creation develops advanced e-commerce websites using the Magento e-commerce platform for businesses. Our in-depth understanding of Magento the plugins / extensions available enables E-creation to deliver complex functionality in rapid time scales at reasonable prices.

E-commerce Website Performance ChartWith 15 years experience developing e-commerce websites from scratch in both PHP and Microsoft .Net, E-creation migrated to the Magento platform in 2010 for all e-commerce development. This extensive experience of e-commerce UI design, consumer behaviour and functionality requirements enables us to customise Magento’s functionality to a wide variety of requirements.

Not to be crass, but our clients turn over millions from their e-commerce websites – something that we help them achieve through our understanding of the e-commerce ‘ecosystem’ beyond just design and development but including SEO, Google Merchant listing, accountancy systems integration and affiliate marketing programs.

Magento E-commerce Website Design AgencyWhy build e-commerce websites exclusively in Magento? It’s rather simple really. Before, e-commerce developers would write functionality from scratch to be sure they could create the best functionality. Now, the extensive functionality offered by Magento is easily, quickly and cost effectively configured, making design & development of e-commerce websites in Magento more rapid & cost-effective than bespoke coding. E-creation has built e-commerce websites for educational CD-ROM publishers, office furniture companies, cutlery suppliers & luxury clothes retailers.

How does E-creation deliver better e-commerce websites using Magento?

  • Creating page redirects from old website, so you improve or maintain position in Google
  • Teaching clients how to write product descriptions effectively for SEO excellence
  • Embedding e-mail marketing campaigns & management into Magento
  • Hooking Mangeto into online sales channels such as eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping
  • Designing a better user experience for optimium sales & repeate customers
  • Integrating Magento into SAGE 50 / 200 for efficient customer & product management
  • Making it easy to create ecommerce apps for Android & iPhone from Magento

Magento’s component based platform makes functionality development rapid & robust.

Stunning E-commerce Design

E-commerce Website Design for MagentoYour e-commerce website is effectively your shop window. Our design expertise ensures that your website presents products in the most effective way & reassures customers that your website is safe to enter credit cards details in.

Every e-commerce website is custom designed to the unique requirements of the client so that your website has impact. And E-creation has over 10 years experience in website design, so you can be sure you are in good hands.


Magento & SAGE 200 Magento E-commerce Integration

E-commerce Website Design for Magento - Directtableware Example Directtableware required Magento e-commerce website with integration into Sage 200. E-creation created a ‘Connector’ for Magento in 3 months – integrating not only data but processes, making the business run far more efficiently.

Complex Magento functionality E-creation delivered included support for group price matrixes, products in boxed quantities rather than single units & simplified check-out processes.

Magento is a fantastic e-commerce platform for businesses requiring complex e-commerce functionality that can be modified & refined to match a customer’s exact requirements.

E-commerce Website Improvement

E-commerce Website Design for Magento - Fashion ExampleIf your business is looking to improve the performance of an e-commerce website, E-creation delivers the advice, design and development to make your e-commerce website more effective. hired E-creation to revamp their existing Magento e-commerce website to improve front-end design, payment processing, supplier management & user experience. Our modifications to Magento increased sales by over 100% within 6 weeks.

Magento E-commerce Website Support

E-commerce Website Design for Magento - Propress ExampleBy working with businesses during & after their Magento website is built, we help businesses use e-commerce effectively.

E-creation created the Propress e-commerce website from scratch, helping the client migrate old e-commerce content, training them how to manage content using Magento’s CMS, hooking products into Google Shopping & fixing the bugs that were created as the client ‘learnt’ how to use Magento.