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Interactive E-learning Development

Award-winning educational e-learning designers & developers agency | E-creationE-creation builds custom e-learning applications. With 10 years+ experience in developing early learning & key stage 1-3 educational software development, our award-winning e-learning applications are in use in thousands of schools across the UK.

In 2000, E-creation pioneered e-learning applications using learning content management systems (LCMS) for Harcourt Education. We revolutionised educational CD-ROM development, enabling e-learning companies & publishing houses to author interactive e-learning content without technical resources.

Today, E-creation’s ‘SkillShell’ application has been used as a template for interactive learning systems to produce dozens of blended learning CD-ROMs to teach literacy, maths & basic language skills.

E-creation has helped many of the UK’s leading educational publishers to innovate their e-learning software authoring.

Custom built to maximise learning impact

E-creation custom builds each e-learning application to client’s requirements rather than using off-the-shelf e-learning systems. This ensures the best digital pedagogy is applied. Whilst this might take slightly longer & cost a little more, the benefits where learning content is complex or unique are massive – the difference between someone learning something … or not.

It started with Dorling Kindersley

E-creation first entered into the educational publishing market in 1999, when we developed the ‘Carol Vorderman’s Maths Made Easy’ series of online games. E-creation then developed ODKAS – an application used to control all the content seen on This was then modified into a CD-ROM ‘skin’ that enabled DK to export website content into an interactive marketing CD-ROM in a process of minutes.

Educational Software Development

E-creation’s educational software development team creates unique educational games & educational software. Working with educational publishers, E-creation converts existing print materials into interactive digital e-learning delivered either online or via CD-ROM.

Education software development process

For educational publishers looking to take existing or new content and to create educational software, we have a five stage approach:

  • Consultancy stage:┬áwe provide the initial consultancy to help publishers establish the best technological approach.
  • Specification stage:┬áwe work with the client to develop a functional specification and cost breakdown.
  • Design stage:┬áwe produce a set of visual and functional prototypes used to bring the product to life.
  • Programming stage:┬áwe take the prototypes and implement final code and functionality.
  • Implementation stage:┬áwe install the application, help with duplication and provide on-going product support.

Harcourt’s Education CD-ROM Authoring Tool

For Harcourt Education, E-creation’s content management tools run from on the client’s Intranet and are used by personnel from around the world to engineer CD-ROMs by updating learning content, graphics, audio and the CD-ROM structure.

E-creation was commissioned by Reed Educational & Professional Publishing to provide initial concepts, designs and development of children’s educational games and activities.

Performance analysis
The games and activities keep track of individual performance providing reports to teachers of weaknesses and strengths that specific children may have.

Flash, ASP, Director and text files
By using ‘hybrid’ technologies to develop the series of CD-ROMs, games and activities can be distributed over the Internet using standard browser technology.