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Intranet Design & Development

Intranet development is not E-creation’s core activity – but because it is demanded by our clients and being natural problem solvers, when building complex websites we often integrate or develop bespoke Intranets to deliver the functionality required.

The advent of ‘the cloud’ and CMSs┬áhave made many Intranets redundant – but there is a place for specialised Intranets where bandwidth, security or browser technologies demand it. A typical bespoke Intranet development project for E-creation revolves HR issues or CD-ROM engineering.

Intranet development case studies

Harcourt Education Intranet

skillshellsThis complex Intranet for creating multimedia CD-ROMs through a graphical interface for content, structure & team management.

The Intranet enable resources around the world to engineer content. Key to the success of the project was a non-technical interface that could be used by illustrators, authors, project managers ΓÇô in fact, anyone involved in the project. Built using a combination of HTML, .NET, Flash and XML, authors are able to build and instantly test individual activities & games over the Internet.

3com Sales Information Intranet

A bespoke Intranet designed in Flash, providing a branded, learning experience with customer requirements analysis & linked documentation management. Unusually, for an Intranet, it runs using  Flash.

For a technology company like 3com, things move at a fast pace ΓÇô and their marketing materials needed to reflect changes as they occur. By managing product specification sheets via the Internet, the Flash presentation is able to pull in the very latest information over the without the need for updates to the Flash file itself ΓÇô enabling the CD-ROMs already in the market to dynamically ΓÇÿread and updateΓÇÖ themselves.

Click here to see the 3Com project in action.

Slough Borough Council Intranet

Web-SloughForYOUthSeries of Intranets for Slough Borough Council, including social networking, events management, website CMS, polls & integration with government performance reporting requirements.

For the website, E-creation built a complex Intranet that allows both contribution by the public, with an approval system, and content management by the council itself. A key element of the Intranet was integration into the government’s activities portal which required reporting back on activity uptake by the community.

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young PR Intranet

SCIO-IntranetOur Intranet for CGEY’s PR agency runs behind a website with personalisation aimed at journalists, managing press releases, photographs and reporting on press coverage.

The Intranet enables the PR agency to manage all information relating to their clients, including press release, proposals, progress reports and to log hours against the client to automate the invoicing process.


Rouse and Co Accountants Intranet

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 14.35.45A key communication goal for the Intranet was to improve the ‘personal’ touch of the business. To achieve this in an interactive and engaging way, we built an interactive ΓÇÿappointmentΓÇÖ request form for the homepage that recognizes visitors when they return. Site visitors are asked what drink they would like in the appointment and upon their return to the site, the visitorΓÇÖs drink is visible on the page along with a personalized welcome message in preparation for their meeting. The Intranet manages all the appointments and sends receptionists e-mails each morning with a list of who is coming in for an appointment and what their selected beverage is, so it can be prepared 2 minutes before the client arrives.