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Better Content Management Systems

Better Content Management System

E-creation makes content management systems smarter

E-creation has been building smarter content management systems for over 15 years, first working on bespoke content managements systems before migrating to open source platform CMS development for Magento, WordPress or custom website projects that require advanced CMS including iPhone & Android apps.
E-creation has been building CMS driven websites & multimedia for many years – way before the advent of open-source CMSs.


CMS for Magento, WordPress or iPhone / Android apps

Today, hundreds of excellent open-source content management platforms such as WordPress, Magento & Joomla making building & managing website content easy & cost effective.┬áFor more complex content management needs that are multimedia driven, E-creation’s custom content management tools enable clients to update website, Intranet and CD-ROM content simultaneously from one universal content management system. Click here┬áfor our CMS case studies PDF.

Benefits of web content management software include:

  • Reduction of costs associated with content management services
  • Speedier updates to content using CMS
  • Greater flexibility to terms of information formatting

A website CMS puts responsibility onto the client to keep things up-to-date. How often have you visited a website & two year old content out? This creates a negative impression … so E-creation modifies CMS management functionality to incorporate automatic scheduling of content and automated reminders to content managers who are responsible for website content via e-mail or SMS text messaging as part of our custom content management tools.

Smarter, easy-to-use content management systems

Content management systems should make life as easy for content owners. E-creation has the knowledge and experience to push the boundaries of how content management systems work, integrating them tightly into organisations, making the businesses more efficient and creating a better relationship with customers across a variety of media types.

Smarter CMS for iPhone & Android Apps

E-creation builds content management systems that allow organisations like the NUT to effectively manage & control the information seen by their customers who use their iPhone & Android apps. Our integrated web / mobile platform CMS solutions allow website content & iPhone / Android app information to be managed & updated instantly from a single location.

Smarter CMS for Multimedia

Content management tools are not exclusively for website content. E-creation’s CD-ROM & presentation content management solutions have made us leaders in e-learning content management systems. Content management tools for CD-ROMs & presentations come in two forms:

  • Content management systems used to create CD-ROMs or presentations
  • Content management systems used customise CD-ROM or presentation content for each customer (e.g. pricing plans, product options, languages, etc).

Smarter Content Management Systems for E-learningSmarter CMS for E-learning

E-creation’s content management tool for Harcourt Education runs on the client’s Intranet & is used by personnel from around the world to engineer CD-ROMs by updating learning content, graphics, audio & CD-ROM structure.

Multimedia-RBS-2Smarter CMS for CD-ROM

For Royal Bank of Scotland, E-creation’s content management solution allowed RBS to update key information such as the rate of interest charged on their credit cards on marketing CD-ROMs years after they had been duplicated & sent to customers.

Smarter Content Management Systems for PresentationsSmarter CMS for Presentations

For National Cars, E-creation built a CD-ROM content management system within a presentation tool, that allows sales people to update and adjust the content within a standardised presentation and to save that customised presentation onto a CD-ROM to be presented to the customer.