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Business mentoring & investment

Business Mentoring & Investment

Jan-Erik Paul has 15 years experience in investing in, building & managing successful SME businesses in Bournemouth, London & Europe, taking numerous businesses successfully from startup to multi-million turnover stage.

DSCN0759This experience, a voracious appetite for business knowledge & highly creative mind allows me to offer pragmatic advice backed up by real work experience & examples for businesses of all sizes. I provide business consultancy to some very large organisations (including IBM, Cisco, London Underground, the NHS & Unisys) but most enjoy helping smaller businesses in their startup stage.

If you are setting up an SME business or looking to expand an existing SME business, I will bring something unique to the table. With a small investment fund available (I am not an Alan Sugar), I am always interested in talking to people who are capable, intelligent & realistic (this is not the Apprentice either) but need some help with their business.

I can bring the experience, knowledge & contacts to help businesses with:

  • Funding
  • Planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Branding
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketing

I don’t charge anything for an initial conversation – and even if we only chat for 15 minutes – I can 100% guarantee you will receive at least one piece of advice to make your business more successful. That is not a boast nor a sales tactic. You take it or leave it – but 9 times out of 10, people will act on my consultancy because I deliver obvious & measurable results (not to mention my history as a successful investor & advisor for businesses that achieve millions of pounds in sales including):

For more business background, please visit my LinkedIN profile at: