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“But the Celtic supporters were voted the best supporters in

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Replica Hermes Birkin Brendan Rodgers insists Celtic won’t give up the chase to land John McGinnHe remonstrated with supporters as he was dragged down the tunnel by Dons officials but continued to celebrate as abuse rained down from the home support.Asked if the abuse was racial, Logan said: “There was but I expect it now.”There’s no crying or moaning about it. I deal with it, let them say whatever they want, we move on, there’s other games in the future.”Logan’s claim comes four years after on loan Aston Villa winger Tonev was hit with a seven game ban from the SFA for using an alleged racial slur despite a denial.Rodgers said: “It’s not something you would ever want to see anywhere.”There’s been an ongoing thing with young Shay since an incident I was made aware of when I first came in.”But the Celtic supporters were voted the best supporters in the world (FIFA poll). That says it all in terms of the ambiance at the stadium. Replica Hermes Birkin

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