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But they had to kiss the possibility of winning goodbye:

Competed for best R performance by a duo or group with vocal with their Hell album. But they had to kiss the possibility of winning goodbye: Prince and the Revolution was also a nominee for their funky classic hit, A Tribe Called Quest, 4 nominations: This is somewhat of a consolation prize: Q Tip won best dance recording with The Chemical Brothers for Kenny Chesney, 6 nominations: Five out of Chesney six Grammy nominations were for his collaborations, so this year nomination for best country album marks a new high for the veteran singer. Maybe being solo will seal the deal.Other well known acts to also lack in Grammy love include The Ramones, The Who, Bjork, Guns N Roses, Iggy Pop, Kiss, Morrissey, Buddy Holly, Oasis, Rush, The Kinks, The Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age..

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