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By exposing the lack of evidence for the other guy faith

the faithful debate each other

cheap Canada Goose My Evolution paper officially outMaybe I frequent the wrong websites, but I see far more debates in which atheists are pitted against the faithful, or creationists against evolutionists, than those in which the faithful debate each other. That is, do canada goose outlet we ever see liberal theologians like John Haught debate conservative ones like William Lane Craig about whose idea of God is right? Why not pit a Muslim versus a Christian to argue whether Jesus was the son of God? Or a Catholic versus a Christian to argue about hell and morality? cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Online Maybe these things take place, but I doubt that they do with the frequency of the faith vs. nonbelief debates. (I willing to admit I wrong if I missed tons of stuff.) Canada Goose Online

buy canada goose jacket But if religion/religion debates are infrequent, why is that? Because, I think, religious people realize that by attacking someone else superstition, they undermine their own. By exposing the lack of evidence for the other guy faith, you inadvertently canada goose jacket outlet uk expose the lack of evidence for your own. That, after all, is what John Loftus Outsider Test for Faith is about. Even liberal theologians usually avoid direct attacks on other faiths, for they know intuitively that no matter what you call canada goose outlet price it, revelation is still revelation, and it ultimately comes down to stuff that you make up because you like the way it makes you canada goose parka outlet feel. buy canada goose jacket

Still, it would afford me hours of delight to see a Muslim argue with a Christian about whose faith was right.

Canada Goose Parka than those in which the faithful debate each other. Canada Goose Parka

Why would they debate each other when they can just kill each other? It very traditional and theologically correct. The penalty in the bible for being an apostate, heretic, or atheist is death.

The only way the religious have found to settle their theological disputes are violence, war, and genocide.

Xianity started with a murder. Jesus: god canada goose outlet in new york Romans and Jews. canada goose outlet washington dc you aren you are going to be dead on a cross. is true even canada goose parka outlet uk today. canada goose outlet niagara falls Northern Ireland, Iraq, Sunnis and Shi India and Pakistan, Israel and everyone else in the middle east, Moslems versus Coptic xians, and so on.

The conflict between India and Pakistan is not at its base a religious conflict, but a political conflict onto which religion has been grafted after the fact. First, about the myth of India vs Pakistan The number of Muslims in India is canada goose jacket outlet almost exactly the same as that in Pakistan, and there is no religious oppression of the kind religious minorities in Pakistan have recently suffered, though admittedly, it is not all rosy. Even the religious extremism in Pakistan is a relatively recent phenomenon: though Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, rallied for the creation of Pakistan on pseudo religious grounds, his agenda appears canada goose outlet belgium to have been mainly a race or ethnicity based one. He was no devout Muslim, and once Pakistan had been created, tried to keep the country as secular as possible.

canadian goose jacket I don know why where you read that in my post. As I said, it is not canada goose outlet store new york all rosy. However, what you pointed to is a black swan incident from 10 years ago: an incident which had a variety of causes, only a few of them religious. I fail to see what that has to do with my argument that the disputes between India and Pakistan are of a canada goose outlet boston political nature, and certainly not of a religious nature. Religion was grafted on to in only much later, in the 80s, when the Pakistani intelligence agencies tried to use world events to foment Islamic religious fervor against India in Pakistan, and parts of Kashmir (and notice that this did not work with all but a miniscule minority of Indian Muslims). canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk outlet And as I said, Pakistan, at least recently, is moving very quickly towards becoming a theocracy. canada goose uk outlet

Yes, the partition was rather unpleasant, and there were riots. But none of these riots were on, so to say, issues When thinking about that violence, you have to remember that Jinnah did frame the question as a vs Muslim one, in spite of his later attempts at trying to make Pakistan a secular state, and when millions of people get displaced canada goose outlet london uk out of their lifelong settlements, it does not take even a straw to break the proverbial camel back.

uk canada goose Any claim about the conflict about India and canada goose outlet in usa Pakistan has to deal with the uncomfortable fact that India has a higher (or just a little bit smaller, depending upon your source) Muslim population than Pakistan (an in fact, with the exception of Indonesia, a much larger Muslim population than any country in the world). This is no Europe vs Middle East or even America vs Middle East conflict we are talking about. uk canada goose

cheap canada goose uk You saying canada goose outlet paypal it political, but the political lines are coincident with the religious ones. If Hinduism had died out when the muslims arrived, there be no Pakistan or Bangladesh, it canada goose jacket uk just be India. And if the Hindus had eradicated the muslims when they first arrived, it be the same, there wouldn be a conflict like today, except maybe between Super Hindu India and Muslim Afghanistan. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats It at it base, a religious struggle. Thats why the mobs that occasionally ransack each other town aren muslim on muslim mobs, it a religiously based struggle, hardly matters that it become political too. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale That two muslim states separated hardly means that there no Hindu Muslim strife. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale And on language, Pakistan and most of India speak effectively the same language, hindi and urdu, they supposed to be fairly mutually intelligible (as opposed to English and German, or Spanish and Italian, maybe they more like Spanish and Italian a few thousand years ago, diverging dialects). canada goose black friday sale

I not canada goose outlet store montreal saying that if there were no muslims or no hindus, that there be no struggle on the subcontinent, but to say that it not something that stems from religion seems silly. Pakistan exists today because of Islam, and it not because of politics that they able to send mujahideeners into India, they recruiting by sect, not by economic policy.

to say that it’s not something that stems from religion seems silly. Pakistan exists today because of Islam, and it’s not because of politics that they’re able to send mujahideeners into India, they’re recruiting by sect, not by economic policy.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale In fact, I find it rather silly to argue that religion canada goose outlet toronto was the most important factor in the creation of Pakistan. Firstly, Jinnah main agenda was a ethnic and political one: he argued for two existing in India, not for two religious groups. Secondly, if Hindu canada goose outlet buffalo Muslim strife in India is canada goose factory outlet as common as you make it canada goose outlet canada out to be, why isn there another call for a new in India? Please bear in mind that India still has about as many Muslims as canada goose outlet edmonton Pakistan, and as a group they have as much political influence today (perhaps more) as they had before partition. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose sale Thirdly, this whole issue of Pakistan state sponsored terrorism in India is a relatively recent phenomenon (around the 80s), before which the sub continent was mostly terrorism free. I think it is rather clear here which was the cart is: the Pakistani intelligence agencies saw an opportunity in the globally resurgent Islamic terrorism to give a religious twist to their geo political goal of wresting Kashmir, and put it to use. Canada Goose sale

canada goose factory sale However, I do agree with you that this approach of using religion to further geo political aims seems to have become a victim of its in Pakistan. I am pretty sure that if Pakistani and Indian governments were to decide to dump the Kashmir issue to foster better relations, the response from the Indian side would probably be based on a historic military distrust of Pakistan (especially after Kargil in 1999), but the response from a rather influential section of the Pakistani public would probably be on the lines of expressing anger at having succumbed to India. canada goose factory sale

Personally, I don see the point in debating such things. As a Christian, I think it is much more important to try to quietly and lovingly live one faith (and lead by example) rather than to try to verbally bludgeon someone over esoteric scriptural matters. For instance, I have been impressed with the character of some people of all different beliefs and non beliefs, thus, the thing I care most about is how goose outlet canada the person wrestles with the high ideals of their faith (or their personal philosophy) and canada goose outlet locations in toronto manages to embody those ideals in their everyday life.

canada goose coats on sale It not that all claims are equally valid and therefore cannot be given deeper consideration. Religious ideals need to be put into practice in order to gain a fuller (more correct) sense of what they mean. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk shop For instance, canada goose outlet reviews Jesus was discussing Jewish theology with a number of Jewish theologians and was asked by one of them what he should do to inherit eternal life. Jesus asked him what he canada goose outlet toronto factory considered to be the correct answer according to Jewish law. The theologian gave an answer canada goose outlet website legit and Jesus agreed. But then he asked Jesus what one word in his answer meant. ( who is my neighbor? Jesus then responded with the parable of the good Samaritan and upon finishing it, asked the theologian which character in the story showed the best example of being a neighbor towards the robbed and badly wounded Jew. The theologian gave an answer that, up until this exchange, he probably would never have given in everyday life. (Samaritans were who were reviled by the Jews. Priests and Levites, on the other hand, were and considered to be very important and respected members of the Jewish community.) canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket cheap The theologian was quite well versed in Jewish law, so Jesus certainly didn need to teach him the letter of the law. The question is, did he understand the law as well as he needed to? Jesus gave him a thought experiment to process in order to help him understand the law in a more helpful way, and thus give him a higher goal to shoot for in his everyday life. ( and do thou likewise that the whole point buy canada goose jacket cheap.