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Vintage Festoons | WordPress E-commerce Website Design

Filamental Festoons is an online vintage festoon lighting start up requiring a branding & complete e-commerce plan within a limited budget (less than £2,500). After a brief consultancy period where a limited product number (less than 10) was identified, WordPress was selected over Magento as a technology platform.A low-cost WordPress template plus the Woocommerce WordPress plugin made it possible to go from concept to live in 3 days, including design of new branding, product photography – and key to the success of the site – installation of useful WordPress plugins to extend functionality to include automated upload / creation of Google Shopping ads (helping Filamental Festoons compete with existing e-commerce retailers in the sector), SEO tool integration to provide reporting within WordPress itself on Google search performance & visual enhancements such as product sliders & video elements to bring the festoon lighting to life in the most commercially effective route possible.

Branding Design iPhone app Marketing

First Teddy Passport / Travel ID Card App Launched for iPhone

Bournemouth, UK 26th of April, 2016

Award-winning E-creation is proud to launch the first Teddy Passport / Travel ID Card app for iPhones.

Teddy-Bear-Passport-Stamp-PageAimed at children who are travelling with their teddy, the app creates a personalised passport safely & quickly with a unique design for each teddy bear (or monkey or rabbit) followed by sixteen interactive stamp pages where a child can mark the date & location of teddy travels.

The Teddy Passport automatically creates the variety of stamp designs including city, country & date so that international holidays, national travels, days out & staycations can all be stamped. When travelling internationally without data or WIFI, the app works using network carrier to stamp country & date information only, to save on data roaming costs.

The idea was born when travelling with my daughter through UK border control, where a friendly officer suggested that if she had a passport for her teddy, he would have stamped the passport. Thus the concept for a digital teddy passport on a mobile phone was born, and two months later, the app launched.

We have a limited number of promo codes available on request to allow free download of the app from the Apple App Store for testing & feedback purposes (contact Jan-Erik Paul to request a free download code).

The app is released for iPhones on the Apple App Store on 28th of April, 2016 – retailing for £1.49.

Design Development Websites

VAVAVOOS | Custom WordPress Website Development

E-creation created the VAVAVOOS plugin for WordPress to streamline custom WordPress website development & design. Having delivered numerous custom design WordPress websites, the VAVAVOOS plugin & website has increased development efficiency to the point where creating professional looking WordPress websites can be achieved for budgets under £1,000.

Custom WordPress Website Development Logo

For the front-end of the website, E-creation supercharged the basic WordPress template to deliver the highly sophisticated resource & project management tool that connects millions of WordPress freelancers with the 75 million WordPress website owners worldwide.┬áThe custom designed logo was created to reflect the concept of ‘productivity delivered’. The┬áinteractive, animated infographic provides realtime information on the number of projects, freelancers and usage of WordPress on the internet.

Click to see how E-creation is able to enhance WordPress to create professional websites for even the most sophisticated of requirements.

Design Websites

Magento | Deadheads E-commerce Website

E-creation, the advanced magento ecommerce developers, launched in July 2015.

Created using the latest version of Magento (1.9.1) with a fully responsive front-end to ensure that the website works just as well on mobile phones as computers, Deadheads targets media savy DJs and musicians.

E-creation upgraded several key areas of functionality within Magento in order to deliver a more social experience for website visitors, with a video blog section for DJs to promote events & themselves whilst providing valuable product reviews.

Magento just keeps getting better and better as e-commerce delivery platform, helping design agencies like E-creation to deliver advanced e-commerce functionality faster & cheaper. The Deadheads website was designed in 5 days including branding & coded in 7 days for a total cost of just £7,200).

Design Development Marketing Multimedia

RBS | Multimedia CD Design & Development

We created an interactive multimedia CD-ROM business card (a CD-ROM in the shape of a credit card) that was sent in the post to market their credit card services.

business_card_cd_specFor the Royal Bank of Scotland, E-creation produced a ΓÇÿsavings calculatorΓÇÖ hooked into live internet rate information of competitorΓÇÖs credits cards. This updates the cost saving algorithm dynamically, providing CD-ROM users with up-to-the-minute savings figure, if they were to switch their credit card to RBS.

Design Development Multimedia

SANOFI | design & coding digital presentation tool

E-creation designed & created a Director-based presentation tool with incorporated CMS. This allows sales personal to customise presentations for specific customers whilst maintaining brand consistency.


Incorporating multimedia elements enables the presentation to achieve maximum impact whilst a back-end presentation ‘recording’ function creates an audit trail of each presentation, ensuring sales people approach can be assessed.

Branding Consultancy Design Development Marketing Multimedia Websites

IBP | branding, interactive training & marketing

What started as a simple multimedia CD-ROM project became a complete marketing exercise for Inclusive Behaviour Publications. E-creation created the brand, business cards, website and interactive e-learning CD-ROM aimed at teachers.


About the CD-ROM

The CD-ROM was developed using Adobe Director & external XML files which made it easy for the client to update learning content (text, images & chapters). For the multimedia element, we used a combination of 3D animation & some basic maths to create highly tactile interface in the form of a digital ‘bookshelf’ to encourage teachers to ‘play’.

With masses of learning content in the CD-ROM, the multimedia application keeps track of what information has been visited and provides the CD-ROM user with gentle guidance on what they should be learning next.

about Final Logo

Consultancy Design Development Marketing Multimedia

SOLSTONEPLUS | Interactive 3D animation design

E-creation provided design & development of interactive banner advertising for business intelligence company SolStonePlus.

Traditionally, Flash animations are ‘built once’, requiring a digital agency to update or change content within the animation at later stages. E-creation’s series of animations not only look stunning but are easy to update though text files. The animations were created using a combination of 3D animations and film effects created in Adobe ‘After Effects’ bringing a ‘big screen’ feel to animations that are relatively small compared to the overall page size.

Branding Design

DirectMeditation | Brand, Stationary & Website Design

E-creation created a complete marketing structure including brand name, design of business cards & stationary and design & development of website using WordPress.

Consultancy Design Marketing

SLOUGH BOROUGH COUNCIL | marketing materials design

Design of a marketing piece for Slough Borough Council designed to encourage activity participation.