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Winter in a digital design agency

It’s an old joke about the web designers disappearing when it hits winter because they are off snowboarding – but actually, it’s not that far from the truth! The winter months are always a bit quiet for us here at E-creation, with many clients taking a little breather to enjoy Christmas and most projects for retail clients completed by the end of summer to allow enough time for traction.

So, what do we get up to? Bournemouth has a thriving Christmas market, which is always fun to visit and naturally, networking events put on their Christmas hats to provide a super-friendly, less pressured environment to catch up with industry friends and find out how the year has been for them. This year, E-creation became more heavily involved in app development and launched it’s own IOS app in the form of the Teddy Bear Passport. It might seem a bit late but the app industry has now really reached a healthy maturity, where many of the risks associated with marketing an app are mitigated. Development tools are standardised & development approaches proven, with more and more experience making scoping, designing, coding & testing quicker & more robust. This impacts pricing – and apps that might have cost 50k+ to develop several years ago can now be developed for 20k+ (at least in more price sensitive Bournemouth / Dorset regions). This presents digital agencies with a new challenge in terms of making money from building app but creating our own suite of apps has proven effective.

With December just around the corner, E-creation would like to take this chance to say merry Christmas to all our clients, employees & freelancers who have made it the great year it’s been. We will be shut from 19th of December till the 9th of January but you can reach Jan-Erik Paul in urgent cases on 0797 0793933 during the holidays. Merry Christmas.

Design Development Websites

VAVAVOOS | Custom WordPress Website Development

E-creation created the VAVAVOOS plugin for WordPress to streamline custom WordPress website development & design. Having delivered numerous custom design WordPress websites, the VAVAVOOS plugin & website has increased development efficiency to the point where creating professional looking WordPress websites can be achieved for budgets under £1,000.

Custom WordPress Website Development Logo

For the front-end of the website, E-creation supercharged the basic WordPress template to deliver the highly sophisticated resource & project management tool that connects millions of WordPress freelancers with the 75 million WordPress website owners worldwide.┬áThe custom designed logo was created to reflect the concept of ‘productivity delivered’. The┬áinteractive, animated infographic provides realtime information on the number of projects, freelancers and usage of WordPress on the internet.

Click to see how E-creation is able to enhance WordPress to create professional websites for even the most sophisticated of requirements.

Design Development Marketing Multimedia

RBS | Multimedia CD Design & Development

We created an interactive multimedia CD-ROM business card (a CD-ROM in the shape of a credit card) that was sent in the post to market their credit card services.

business_card_cd_specFor the Royal Bank of Scotland, E-creation produced a ΓÇÿsavings calculatorΓÇÖ hooked into live internet rate information of competitorΓÇÖs credits cards. This updates the cost saving algorithm dynamically, providing CD-ROM users with up-to-the-minute savings figure, if they were to switch their credit card to RBS.

Design Development Multimedia

SANOFI | design & coding digital presentation tool

E-creation designed & created a Director-based presentation tool with incorporated CMS. This allows sales personal to customise presentations for specific customers whilst maintaining brand consistency.


Incorporating multimedia elements enables the presentation to achieve maximum impact whilst a back-end presentation ‘recording’ function creates an audit trail of each presentation, ensuring sales people approach can be assessed.

Branding Consultancy Design Development Marketing Multimedia Websites

IBP | branding, interactive training & marketing

What started as a simple multimedia CD-ROM project became a complete marketing exercise for Inclusive Behaviour Publications. E-creation created the brand, business cards, website and interactive e-learning CD-ROM aimed at teachers.


About the CD-ROM

The CD-ROM was developed using Adobe Director & external XML files which made it easy for the client to update learning content (text, images & chapters). For the multimedia element, we used a combination of 3D animation & some basic maths to create highly tactile interface in the form of a digital ‘bookshelf’ to encourage teachers to ‘play’.

With masses of learning content in the CD-ROM, the multimedia application keeps track of what information has been visited and provides the CD-ROM user with gentle guidance on what they should be learning next.

about Final Logo

Consultancy Design Development Marketing Multimedia

SOLSTONEPLUS | Interactive 3D animation design

E-creation provided design & development of interactive banner advertising for business intelligence company SolStonePlus.

Traditionally, Flash animations are ‘built once’, requiring a digital agency to update or change content within the animation at later stages. E-creation’s series of animations not only look stunning but are easy to update though text files. The animations were created using a combination of 3D animations and film effects created in Adobe ‘After Effects’ bringing a ‘big screen’ feel to animations that are relatively small compared to the overall page size.

Branding Design Development Marketing

Berlingual | logo & website

E-creation created an internationally appropriate brand & website with clever ‘linguistic’ creativity for growing language school in Berlin.


Business-Business-CardsE-creation started by creating a company name to communicate the business values ‘professional English training in Berlin’. Berlingual was the resulting brand name with E-creation providing design for brand, stationary & website.

Using ‘clever’ visual design is at the heart of E-creation’s approach to design. Our design team used ‘visual linguistic metaphors’ that reflected the premise ‘business communication is not just translation’. By using common English business metaphors translated literally into German, the ‘unintended’ errors of meaning demonstrate the complexity of business English.

To help websites rankings in Google, E-creation created ΓÇÿGerman language road signsΓÇÖ throughout the site with key paragraphs translated and discretely integrated into the design.

Consultancy Development Marketing Websites

Propress | Magento e-commerce development

E-creation created a series of e-commerce websites for Propress using open-source Magento software in addition to online marketing consultancy that has helped Propress achieve ┬ú1,000’s in sales each month.


Magento enables E-creation to delivery ┬ú100,000’s of functionality at a fraction of the cost for businesses looking for professional e-commerce platform to sell their products on. A key feature of Magento is the ability to be reasonably & quickly ‘skinned’ to provide a different feel – even when using an existing database of products.

Jiffy Steamer Home Page RevisedSteamers-Home-Page

Branding Consultancy Design Development

DirectMeditation | website

Consultancy, branding & website development for start-up company.

E-creation used BASIS (our bespoke design values capture process) to establish the brand values Rien Doorn needed to communicate in his start-up business. The stationary that was created is high impact whilst costing less then £150 to print over 2,000 cards.

Building WordPress sites is not difficult ΓÇô but building them so they don’t look like other WordPress sites & work on mobile phones (responsive websites) is more of a challenge.

The website we created not only looks better than 99% of other websites out there ΓÇô it is incredibly easy for Rien to manage content and to ‘tell his story’. With the business being a startup, E-creation worked had to create a professional feel that builds trust & rapport with clients including multimedia welcome video & Google Analytics measuring A/B marketing.

Branding Design Development

Brand creation & funky website design with e-commerce development in Magento.