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E-commerce business redesign & development for MemorialBenchesUK

E-creation works with a very limited client list to ensure our heart and soul is committed to a project. That dedication and understanding of a client’s business means we are able to react rapidly & effectively to any problem they face, whether it is technical, SEO, IT, marketing or strategic.

Magento Product Page Design

One year ago, we took on and as a client, through a personal contact. After many years of working with numerous agencies who were not able to deliver the very unique requirements of Adam, the MD of company, E-creation took over to deliver a completely re-designed & re-engineered MemorialBenchesUK website and incremental updates to the Wealden website.

An existing PHP customisation within the Magento framework was completely reworked in order to provide a better user experience for website users and a more robust business process for backend order processing. This had always been a challenge for Adam’s business, where developer after developer had created increasingly convoluted code that was unstable & difficult to work with.

What were our goals for Adam’s business?

– Make website mobile friendly for a better user experience & Google ranking
– Improve the presentation of products with a redesigned website that was easier to use
– Optimise content on website for Google & create more effective Google Adwords campaign
– Enable automated product feeds into Google Merchant shopping adverts with ‘visual adverts’
– Optimise order processing to reduce customer questions & speed up order processing

Have a look at the website – – to see how we can redesign & redevelop your Magento E-commerce website for better business performance.

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Winter in a digital design agency

It’s an old joke about the web designers disappearing when it hits winter because they are off snowboarding – but actually, it’s not that far from the truth! The winter months are always a bit quiet for us here at E-creation, with many clients taking a little breather to enjoy Christmas and most projects for retail clients completed by the end of summer to allow enough time for traction.

So, what do we get up to? Bournemouth has a thriving Christmas market, which is always fun to visit and naturally, networking events put on their Christmas hats to provide a super-friendly, less pressured environment to catch up with industry friends and find out how the year has been for them. This year, E-creation became more heavily involved in app development and launched it’s own IOS app in the form of the Teddy Bear Passport. It might seem a bit late but the app industry has now really reached a healthy maturity, where many of the risks associated with marketing an app are mitigated. Development tools are standardised & development approaches proven, with more and more experience making scoping, designing, coding & testing quicker & more robust. This impacts pricing – and apps that might have cost 50k+ to develop several years ago can now be developed for 20k+ (at least in more price sensitive Bournemouth / Dorset regions). This presents digital agencies with a new challenge in terms of making money from building app but creating our own suite of apps has proven effective.

With December just around the corner, E-creation would like to take this chance to say merry Christmas to all our clients, employees & freelancers who have made it the great year it’s been. We will be shut from 19th of December till the 9th of January but you can reach Jan-Erik Paul in urgent cases on 0797 0793933 during the holidays. Merry Christmas.

Digital Design News

“It’s Now 2016, Time to Ban the Word Digital” but then what?

The word digital is becoming an irrelevance, with its use as a proxy or synonym for modern or innovative , it’s increasingly redundant, but worse than that it’s destroying the way businesses can exploit the new power of technology. – Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin’s article on LinkedIN – whilst providing an interesting semiotic point, I believe misses the function of ‘digital’ as a term of clarification for non-technical individuals for identifying the ‘channel’ which is the subject of the term. The term digital is a helpful adjective which for the business community provides a clear meaning. You hire a digital agency to create your website or marketing email or iPhone app. Digital makes it clear who and what you are dealing with – and often the type of person or people you are dealing with. A digital designer is a different animal to a graphic designer specialising in the design of business cards. The physical world of the graphic designer is a very different environment, requiring it own unique thought methods and set of experiences.

The clear lines around the term itself have been blurred for the the consumer however. Taking the example of the person sitting on the couch watching ‘digital TV’ on their flat screen whilst interacting with their iPad, the reality is that ‘digital TV’ is not the digital product because it is not the interactive experience. The iPad is the device which delivers the ‘digital’ experience and because t has a unique set of capabilities, the expectations for the design & development are different. Certainly the digital design process is far removed from the non-digital design process because consumerΓÇÖs requirements from digital experiences.

Digital is a non-linear, dynamically constructed dialogue – so whilst a YouTube video is not a digital experience, an interactive movie which builds itself from a profile of your most recent Facebook activity┬áis┬áa digital product – and needs the label to be effectively identified. I have worked with ‘digital’ for over 20 years now and seen what I do evolve from ‘multimedia’ to ‘new media’ to ‘e-‘ stuff to ‘digital’. Originally the term digital referred to the encoding method for distribution (binary code) but is now synonymous with method of interaction (most often a screen). Digital is now at itΓÇÖs heart an adjective to describe the wonderful world of interaction that is available to us under out finger tips.

Technologies such as augmented reality & virtual reality are different to digital and maintain their unique definition because they are a different method of interaction. The device through which you interact with the environment is unique in form – even though the information is essentially still digital (or coded information). So it is possible to have a digital website (say a standard WordPress website), an interactive website (an HTML5 website which is reactive to userΓÇÖs gesture movements) or a virtual reality website (which interacts with & presents information in a physical environment – even if it is digital).

‘Digital’ is here to stay, ensuring clarity for businesses who need to identify different areas of business and who to get to do the creative & development process. And I, for one, am happy to continue to be an expert in digital.

Jan-Erik Paul
Chief Ideas Director & Digital Expert, E-creation