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E-commerce business redesign & development for MemorialBenchesUK

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5th September

E-creation works with a very limited client list to ensure our heart and soul is committed to a project. That dedication and understanding of a client’s business means we are able to react rapidly & effectively to any problem they face, whether it is technical, SEO, IT, marketing or strategic.

One year ago, we took on and as a client, through a personal contact. After many years of working with numerous agencies who were not able to deliver the very unique requirements of Adam, the MD of company, E-creation took over to deliver a completely re-designed & re-engineered MemorialBenchesUK website and incremental updates to the Wealden website.

An existing PHP customisation within the Magento framework was completely reworked in order to provide a better user experience for website users and a more robust business process for backend order processing. This …

Magento E-commerce Website Development

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27th October

What is Magento?

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP with a wealth of built-in functionality & extendability through plugins. Magento was purchased by eBay in 2011 to form the cornerstone of its e-commmerce offering. It is used by 100,000+ merchants ranging from micro businesses to large corporations like Nokia, Salomon, Ford, Pentel & Mothercare.

Mangeto e-commerce websites can be simple, fast & cheap … or sophisticated, customised & expensive. As an open source platform, code can be modified to reflect each client’s unique requirements. Essential Magento functionality (with plugins) includes:

Add/update/delete template content pages via CMS
Add/update/delete products via CMS
Blog/news functionality via CMS Search functionality (search content pages / products)
Shopping basket (add to basket, remove, edit quantities)
Delivery cost calculations (e.g. free if order over £50)
Promo/coupon codes for shopping cart
On-line payment processing Inventory management (and future proofing to connect to accountancy …