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Bournemouth website design & development agencies

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22nd March

There are LOTS of digital & website design agencies in Bournemouth – many of which are exceptional. Bournemouth isn’t called the silicon beach for no reason. But for an established agency for E-creation, that means lots of competition, and an increasing commoditisation of website design & development.

It’s just so damn easy to create websites now.

Using website CMS tools such as WordPress and Magento with design templates, creating really effective websites is fast & low cost. Much of the challenge & fun has been taken out of website design & development, which is why E-creation only takes on a very limited number of projects each year (whilst continuing to service existing clients).

With our own e-commerce and app ventures (such as Teddybear Passport, Filamental Festoons) providing both financial stability & intellectual stimulation, we do what our end clients do – run a …

I have changed, so E-creation is also changing

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11th August

This is going to be a super personal post. It reflects the change that has happening in my life, business and purpose in life. When I first setup E-creation in 1998, my goal was to achieve freedom, that is, freedom to do with my time what I wanted without having to go into an office and work for somebody else. This didn’t mean becoming rich in a financial sense or at least, that never felt important to the freedom I’d imagined. I was achieving a decent salary within the first few years of E-creation, had invested in property but it felt like life was work with very little time for anything else.

So, after the first five years of making growth E-creation’s aim, I took the decision to make ‘concentration’ our the new aim. Reduce the size and demands of E-creation on …

Vintage Festoons | WordPress E-commerce Website Design

5th June

Filamental Festoons is an online vintage festoon lighting start up requiring a branding & complete e-commerce plan within a limited budget (less than £2,500). After a brief consultancy period where a limited product number (less than 10) was identified, WordPress was selected over Magento as a technology platform.A low-cost WordPress template plus the Woocommerce WordPress plugin made it possible to go from concept to live in 3 days, including design of new branding, product photography – and key to the success of the site – installation of useful WordPress plugins to extend functionality to include automated upload / creation of Google Shopping ads (helping Filamental Festoons compete with existing e-commerce retailers in the sector), SEO tool integration to provide reporting within WordPress itself on Google search performance & visual enhancements such as product sliders & video elements to bring the festoon lighting …

Winter in a digital design agency

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23rd November

It’s an old joke about the web designers disappearing when it hits winter because they are off snowboarding – but actually, it’s not that far from the truth! The winter months are always a bit quiet for us here at E-creation, with many clients taking a little breather to enjoy Christmas and most projects for retail clients completed by the end of summer to allow enough time for traction.

So, what do we get up to? Bournemouth has a thriving Christmas market, which is always fun to visit and naturally, networking events put on their Christmas hats to provide a super-friendly, less pressured environment to catch up with industry friends and find out how the year has been for them. This year, E-creation became more heavily involved in app development and launched it’s own IOS app in the form of the …

“It’s Now 2016, Time to Ban the Word Digital” but then what?

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7th January

The word digital is becoming an irrelevance, with its use as a proxy or synonym for modern or innovative , it’s increasingly redundant, but worse than that it’s destroying the way businesses can exploit the new power of technology. – Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin’s article on LinkedIN – whilst providing an interesting semiotic point, I believe misses the function of ‘digital’ as a term of clarification for non-technical individuals for identifying the ‘channel’ which is the subject of the term. The term digital is a helpful adjective which for the business community provides a clear meaning. You hire a digital agency to create your website or marketing email or iPhone app. Digital makes it clear who and what you are dealing with – and often the type of person or people you are dealing with. A digital designer is a different …

Custom Magento Web Design | TheBigBedCompany

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7th October

Creating custom Magento web design is not as easy as it might seem. As an open source platform with a huge library of in-built functionality, creating custom functionality can sometimes create more issues than it solves.

For the BigBedCompany, the client’s requirements were extensive & precise with several key functional elements which were not part of Magento’s core library.

Creating this custom functionality within Magento requires a strong understanding of Magento’s code hierarchy. Whilst the client required some ‘standard’ customisation of the Magento site (such as different store fronts for different languages / currencies – e.g., &, there was more complex custom code required for:

custom pop-up boxes for selecting size of bed rather than using Magento’s in-built dropdown functionality
custom add multiple products into the shopping cart based on product groups
custom realtime display using Javascript for attribute information such as …

2015 Web Tech Update

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3rd August

So, many of the trends which we expected to continue from 2014 to 2015 in our 2015 Web Tech Update.

Google Search Optimisation

It’s getting more complicated … and simpler. Google is still keeping it’s search algorithms under wraps and for good reason. No one wants to go back to the old days of tricking Google. But in addition to the basics of using social media, building links back to your site from other quality websites and writing good, useful content for your site – we have noticed an increase in the sophistication of how Google recognises ‘spammy’ content.

For many websites, ours included, content was written with the intention of being recognised as important and relevant for specific terms, say ‘digital design agency’ in this case. E-creation was number one in Google for many years worldwide for the term and it generated …

MAGENTO | advanced e-commerce development

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2nd December

For the past 12 months, E-creation has been working with to create a highly sophisticated Magento e-commerce website that communicates with a unique app. The LED lighting market is a highly competitive one with hundreds of e-commerce websites built in Magento selling LED lighting & fixtures, so we had to think outside of the box.

E-creation delivered a unique strategy to driving traffic and building their customer base. Having the best prices & effective SEO is simply not enough anymore in an online environment where thousands of new e-commerce websites come online every day. To this end, E-creation looked holistically at the business to create:

Simplified product management through eMagicOne, a localised tool that makes updating products much faster & robust
Integrated warehouse fulfilment filtering system which automatically allocates product fulfilment requests
Complex affiliate marketing functionality allows a physical sales force to expand rapidly
Creation …

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12th November

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4th November

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