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Using Facebook Like-gates for Social Media Marketing

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13th April

I was asked yesterday if E-creation does SM marketing. It took me a second to realise we were talking about social media – so after the initial confusion disappeared from my face, I said, ‘of course’.

Social media should not be filled with jargon – it’s actually very simple and easy to explain … but there is one important technical term to understand. The ‘like-gate’ …

The simplest explanation of a ‘like-gate’ within social media marketing is: ‘a barrier requiring a Facebook visitor to “Like” a brandΓÇÖs page before they can access certain content‘. ┬áLike-gating is a method to increase Facebook Fans more quickly than otherwise possible.

Most business are using Facebook as part of their social media marketing but often don’t use it to the best effect – simply having a Facebook page is NOT enough, not anymore.

The reason Facebook and social …