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Vintage Festoons | WordPress E-commerce Website Design

Filamental Festoons is an online vintage festoon lighting start up requiring a branding & complete e-commerce plan within a limited budget (less than £2,500). After a brief consultancy period where a limited product number (less than 10) was identified, WordPress was selected over Magento as a technology platform.A low-cost WordPress template plus the Woocommerce WordPress plugin made it possible to go from concept to live in 3 days, including design of new branding, product photography – and key to the success of the site – installation of useful WordPress plugins to extend functionality to include automated upload / creation of Google Shopping ads (helping Filamental Festoons compete with existing e-commerce retailers in the sector), SEO tool integration to provide reporting within WordPress itself on Google search performance & visual enhancements such as product sliders & video elements to bring the festoon lighting to life in the most commercially effective route possible.

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WordPress E-commerce Website Animation Design – Part 2

Part one of our WordPress e-commerce website design overview looked at the commercial influences into E-creation’s decision to start using WordPress as a CMS platform and WP e-commerce as a shopping cart plug.

In the previous article, our┬átop five e-commerce functionality update requests in 2010 included integration into┬áGoogle Shopping, CSV imports, digital content delivery, automated SEO and order forms.┬áHowever, there is an basic but important requirement for a positive user experience in e-commerce websites that WordPress supports (with a bit of coding help) – multimedia and animation…

The core WordPress content administration functionality is flexible – certainly flexible enough to support the complicated multimedia & interactivity requirements demanded by E-creation clients. A specific useful feature we have integrated into WordPress to create a more interactive, visual experience is home page animations.
Most contemporary websites use simple, effective image animation to keep the page alive and moving. But potential customers are fickle – so updating and keeping your imagery topical is an important element in building the initial relationship.
For the SexyCooking website, we update the front page animation with seasonal food imagery and holiday based recipes (in addition to text based updates to the recipe list on a weekly basis) on a regular basis. Updates to the front page animation are done simply, by uploading an image into a specific folder, which our code searches through automatically every time someone visits the website.
Here you can see the administration screen for the media library within WordPress. Two images have been loaded or ‘attached’ to the About Us page. This is sufficient for the page to automatically read and display in the page. As part of the code we wrote, it is possible to easily change the speed with which the images change and the ‘dissolve’ effect.
A simple yet effective animation solution for your WordPress e-commerce website…
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