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Vintage Festoons | WordPress E-commerce Website Design

5th June

Filamental Festoons is an online vintage festoon lighting start up requiring a branding & complete e-commerce plan within a limited budget (less than £2,500). After a brief consultancy period where a limited product number (less than 10) was identified, WordPress was selected over Magento as a technology platform.A low-cost WordPress template plus the Woocommerce WordPress plugin made it possible to go from concept to live in 3 days, including design of new branding, product photography – and key to the success of the site – installation of useful WordPress plugins to extend functionality to include automated upload / creation of Google Shopping ads (helping Filamental Festoons compete with existing e-commerce retailers in the sector), SEO tool integration to provide reporting within WordPress itself on Google search performance & visual enhancements such as product sliders & video elements to bring the festoon lighting …

WordPress E-commerce Website Animation Design – Part 2

29th October

Part one of our WordPress e-commerce website design overview looked at the commercial influences into E-creation’s decision to start using WordPress as a CMS platform and WP e-commerce as a shopping cart plug.

In the previous article, our┬átop five e-commerce functionality update requests in 2010 included integration into┬áGoogle Shopping, CSV imports, digital content delivery, automated SEO and order forms.┬áHowever, there is an basic but important requirement for a positive user experience in e-commerce websites that WordPress supports (with a bit of coding help) – multimedia and animation…

The core WordPress content administration functionality is flexible – certainly flexible enough to support the complicated multimedia & interactivity requirements demanded by E-creation clients. A specific useful feature we have integrated into WordPress to create a more interactive, visual experience is home page animations.

Most contemporary websites use simple, effective image animation to keep the page …