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chairmen to run the bipartisan

4 at Bolling Hill Baptist Church, with the Rev. Francisco Mayo officiating and the Rev. Edward D. In April, members of the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Sports Facilities elected two Senate co chairmen to run the bipartisan, bicameral group. It’s a move that angered several House members of the commission because traditionally these panels have one leader from the House and one from the Senate. Norton walked out of that meeting and announced her intentions then to resign her post, but her resignation was never formally accepted by House Speaker Paul Thissen..

Shortly before GOP House leaders withdrew the Trumpcare bill, the governor at a big rally attacked it, in thundering Old Testament prophet mode: “This is not about health care reform this is about disease, death, and suffering. Mr. Trump, come down from Trump Tower, walk among the people, and see the damage that this latest exercise in raw political power will wreck on the women, the men, and the children of this country.”.

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Some circumstances, it clearly is insensitive and offensive, but not all the time, said Mary Catherine Roper, senior staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. Doesn matter whether it offensive. It doesn matter whether it is racial.

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Then there was the Youth Bus. It ran for three summers, a free connector between open gyms, tutoring, libraries, and parks. Along the way, youth workers encouraged teens to embrace the rage they felt for the circumstances of their birth, then channel it into going to college, making an honest dollar, and staying alive.