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Clever Graphic Design For Marketing

orange-tickA deep understanding of design & technology isĀ at the heart of E-creation’s unique ability to solve business problems through clever graphic design. Our design is always functionally intelligent – it’s about using clever design to engage a customer’s intellect, using design to influence a customer relationship with a product or pushing a brand to demonstrate its values through an experience.

It is easy to be bamboozled by slick design in websites, multimedia, presentations & branding. E-creation works deeper to craft technology-aware design for unique customer experiences. Whether creating interactive websites, multimedia CD-ROMs or presentations, we work on clever graphic design solutions rather than simple solutions, which, yes, does cost a little bit more but is worth it.

Design should be simple, elegant and pragmatic. Design plays an important role in shaping emotional relationships with a brand or service but equally, it must be a call to action, even when something as simple as a business card.

Web Design Agency - Concepts by E-creationEvery client’s design requirements are unique.

Even when using design templates (like on this WordPress website), we apply creative flair to appropriate & customise the design templates. We think of it as guerrilla warfare on mediocre design!

Website HomepageDesign built on deep understanding of technology.

Good design needs to be more than technology aware (e.g. work on desktop, tablets & mobile) – it must engage & delight – which most often requires technology. Design is a facilitator – not gratuitious.

Clever graphic design is often noticeable by ‘less is more’, where the quality of a product or service is not overshadowed by the design wrapper that surrounds it.

Website-SloughForYOUth-MarketingThink about the big picture.

E-creation’s experience of creating clever graphic design covers e-mail marketing, multimedia, e-learning, presentations & websites. Creative cross pollination is key to unique design functionality – so during the design process, ideas are continually refined by the design, marketing & development departments.