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Ethical E-mail Marketing Agency

The Ethical E-mail Marketing Agency

E-mail marketing agency creating clever email marketing campaignsE-creation is an e-mail marketing agency providing consultancy, design & implementation of ethical e-mail marketing campaigns. Our e-mail marketing uses clever concepts & design to achieve increased click through rates, improved brand perception & recognition, reduce support costs and better relationships with customers.


Marketing E-mail Research

marker-1We research your target audience, their profile, how & where are they likely to receive the e-mail (at home, in the office, on a blackberry, etc). If required, we work with specialist data sourcing companies to research and provide a double opted-in database of e-mail addresses with details enabling personalisation of the e-mail.

E-mail Marketing Design

marker-2Once we know the target audience, a clear framework for the creative design process is in place enabling E-creation to design an effective e-mail marketing campaign that does more than just look good. We incorporate clever creative elements such as animated GIFs, highly noticeable personalisation and well constucted content.

E-mail Marketing Coding

marker-3The ultimate goal is to get the potential customer to ‘do something’ with with a clear ‘landing point’ for them to visit. E-creation can create ‘landing’ pages for an existing website or a new ‘microsite’. Our video development department can create a short corporate video to put onto your microsite or if a more interactive experience is required, we can design a Flash game or tool.

E-mail Marketing Distribution & Reporting

marker-4Using either an e-mail marketing database provided by yourselves or a data list from our specialist e-mail data sourcing department, the marketing e-mails are delivered and detailed reporting provided on number of e-mails opened, links followed, soft e-mail address bounces (people on holiday, etc) & list unsubscriptions (opt outs).