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Magento | Deadheads E-commerce Website

E-creation, the advanced magento ecommerce developers, launched in July 2015.

Created using the latest version of Magento (1.9.1) with a fully responsive front-end to ensure that the website works just as well on mobile phones as computers, Deadheads targets media savy DJs and musicians.

E-creation upgraded several key areas of functionality within Magento in order to deliver a more social experience for website visitors, with a video blog section for DJs to promote events & themselves whilst providing valuable product reviews.

Magento just keeps getting better and better as e-commerce delivery platform, helping design agencies like E-creation to deliver advanced e-commerce functionality faster & cheaper. The Deadheads website was designed in 5 days including branding & coded in 7 days for a total cost of just £7,200).