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Honest Digital Business Consultancy

puzzleE-creation delivers honest digital business consultancy & online marketing. With everyone thinking they have a good business idea these days – and many agencies are perfectly happy to take clients money without actually believing in client’s idea – choosing the right business consultancy can be a challenge.


We like to make it simple …

With hundreds of digital & online marketing projects under our belt, we can afford to provide honest digital business consultancy that will tell the client when they are going down a dead end. They may not like it – and we may not win business with them – but in our opinion, it is far better to have repeat clients who are successful businesses rather than one-off startups that make the digital business consultancy more money than the client. E-creation’s business consultancy & design consultancy is different for the right reasons.

We work faster. We work smarter. We work efficiently. We work less formally.

In today’s business environment, businesses that slow down through excessive bureaucracy miss the boat. E-creation works with clients who are dynamic, smart and successful, with an honest, direct (and sometimes intensely challenging) dialogue that produces the right results. But the best way to understand E-creation is to give us a call for a free 15 conversation on 01202 766606.

E-creation’s team of professional freelance consultants, designers & coders are experts in:

  • consultancy in website design & build in PHP & Microsoft.Net
  • consultancy in multimedia CD-ROM design & build in Director & Flash
  • consultancy in open source design & build in WordPress, Magento & Drupal
  • consultancy in responsive websites & app development for Android, IOS & Windows