Custom brand design

Custom Brand Design┬áUsing ‘BASIS’

questioning-manE-creation offers a unique custom brand design service. Every brand is created from scratch using a┬áunique ‘brand value investigation’ process called ‘BASIS’.

This unique set of enlightening & challenging questions captures the essence of a business’s brand values, its mission, customer perceptions & brand aspirations providing a clear guide during the creative design process.

Logo Design & Brand Strategy Examples

The brand design process is two-way discussion. E-creation becomes an expert in your brand, able to deliver the most appropriate branding. And you are challenged and educated in your understanding of your business in a positive way – enabling you to move forward with a brand name & logo that truly reflects your business values.

Whilst you can pickup cheap brand logos from logo template libraries – the only guaranteed way of creating a unique logo that meets business requirements is to spend the time, effort and money, working with a branding agency like E-creation.

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