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Digital Business Consulting

Having a digital business strategy is not optional anymore. Social media, SEO, mobile content, apps & digital interactive are essential to businesses growth (and indeed, the highest growth business are digital) – so our 20+ years of experience in delivering digital creative concepts is seriously valuable to companies working in the digital realm.


we-love-solving-problemsWe love solving digital business problems, having delivered digital projects for 3com, IBM, London Underground, Unisys, the LSC and BP. Each project represents a unique challenge and E-creation always delivers something that makes the client smile and builds their business.

your-business-with-our-digital-consultingOur creative skills combined with deep technology understanding means that E-creation creates digital business innovations that can not be delivered by traditional business management consultants.┬áIn the educational publishing, our ‘skinnable’ CD-ROM authoring applications have reduced development cycles for educational software development from years to weeks, reducing costs, improving content quality & enabling authors, illustrators and editors to self-publish simply.

For the NUT, we revolutionised the delivery of teacher training materials using geo-locations functionality in iPhone & Android apps with content managed via the NUT’s intranet.

Pearson Case Study

E-creation digital business consulting brings together different business functions seamlessly. By consulting with the marketing, IT & operations departments, E-creation was able to totally change Pearson’s approach to publishing learning for children, not only saving money & time – but creating a better experience for the end customers.


orange-tickE-creation’s digital consulting created an integrated sales / MIS tool with massive business performance improvements, changing the way that Pearson’s works on all it’s digital content publishing. Whilst these kinds of technology might be considered everyday today, when E-creation created this technology is was the first in this field and paved the way for the future of all educational content publishing. That’s what do – create the future.


Pre Digital Consulting Post Digital Consulting
5 different databases managed individually by technicans. All website, marketing & operations content integrated in 1 database.
Technical team of 11 people required. Non-technical team of 4 people required.
Marketing CD-ROMs production took 35 days. Marketing CD-ROMs production done in 3 days.
Marketing updates coding & testing every time. Marketing updates using ‘skin’ eliminates coding & testing.
Marketing has 6 month life-cycle aimed due to cost. Marketing created on a bespoke, personalised basis.


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