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do not wipe dry
the normal price of 490 Baht per

Raised in Paris, Barret studied design and tailoring at Paris’ l’Ecole Suprieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD). She worked as an assistant at several houses, spending time in New York, Italy, and Spain before launching her own Paris based label in 1999. Herms’ Pierre Alexis Dumas was a longtime friend who would pop into her shop now and again with his wife, whom Barret has known since childhood..

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Hermes Handbags

Over Spray for waterproof coating, carpet, shoes, clothes, hats.
Special for the protection of water well. – No change in color and ventilation of the substrate.
easy to use spray form
just inject The spray will be absorbed without leaving the stain.
do not wipe dry
the normal price of 490 Baht per bottle.
Regular price 880 Baht per set
promotion price 1 set 2 bottles
left only 490

Ems delivery in Thailand 70 Baht

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