Don’t do dumb shit you will regret later on the internet

Lyft has its own version of dynamic pricing called Prime Time Tips. But unlike Uber, it capped the amount that fares would increase based on demand at 200 percent. While that means Lyft isn price gouging its passengers, it also occasionally means that sometimes there were no cars available on the platform..

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cheap nfl jerseys Somebody ripped out a structural post and threw it in the swimming pool (which we never used or would use,ever). We had paint peeling off most of the bathroom and some of the kitchen. The carpet was gross even before we got there. This was when they were making the first Witcher, and they were a much, much smaller studio (so small that this was their E3 booth in 2004) so Sapkowski said “give me the one time sum” because he wasn sure if it was ever gonna get off the ground at all. Then he came back years later and was pissy that he didn get a percentage of the earnings and CD Projekt was like “well. We did pay you what you agreed to”, so he went to court and the court was like “yeah, you did get paid, you made a bad choice there, mate”.. cheap nfl jerseys

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Controversy around ads on jerseys has been common lately. The NBA has approved ads on jerseys starting the 2018 season but some teams have already signed ad deals. The Knicks have yet to choose their sponsor but the thought of an ad on a uniform may anger basketball purists. Everyone got one thing out of a dollar bin and I looked for really outrageous funny things (like a Santa head cat toy on a looooong body that we called Santa snake). But then I realized I was blowing 20+$ on garbage. So I had to have an honest chat with my family.

Cheap Jerseys china Looking ahead, the EOCF will continue its legacy of giving back and supporting the life changing work being done in the community through diverse programs and partnerships. Edmonton Oilers is a trademark of Edmonton Oilers Hockey Corp. NHL, the NHL wholesale usc jerseys Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League.. Cheap Jerseys china

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