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Friends in the Midwest! Fendika group has traveled to your part of the world for several shows, we are excited!! Tonight we are at the Des Moines Social Club to perform in this amazing art center – thanks to them for this opportunity and for the hospitality!!!
We begin in 30 minutes – please come to dance with us!!

Tomorrow we are in Minneapolis – more about that soon!! Yours, Melaku

DMSC Presents: An evening with Fendika | Des Moines Social Club
Monday, September 12 2016 • 7:00 pm • The Basement Tickets on sale now! The Basement // doors 6pm, music 7pm //$12 advance, $15 day-of // all ages Fendika Fendika is a troupe of accomplished azmari musicians and dancers from

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This is my result while following the character anatomy & design tutorial by the great Raf Grassetti, a lenghty and incredibly in-depth video series which taught me so much about muscle groups, sculpting techniques and designing a cool looking character (you can check out the Gumroad tutorial at the bottom of the post).
I tried my best to follow closely his tips and directions up until the designing part, where I wanted to see if I could make my demon character look a little All the sculpting, optimizing and polypainting was done in ZBrush while rendering was handled in Maya through Arnold, stepping up complexity Replica Handbags for I’m really proud of the results as this is my first full humanoid character and anatomical study (there is a whole body there! I just need to find the time to paint it all and render again).

Gumroad link:
Check me out on Artstation Designer Replica Bags.