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Expressions Almoudh / Walova / from Gali to Ghali

O Allah, send blessings upon our master Muhammad, the number of the living and the dead, and communicate to our master Muhammad the number of images and languages, and the blessings and blessings of our master Muhammad, the number of letters and words, and delivered to our master Muhammad the number of good deeds and bad deeds. And prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, the number of lands and bodies, and delivered to our master Muhammad the number of good deeds and blessings, arrived to God on the special honor of the Maqamat granted in the finest qualities of the highest degrees of our master and the master of Muhammad and his family and the people of dignities and invocations…

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Sidi Ahmed Dardir may Allah be pleased with him

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This is the problem with the digital world I saw from the beginning. We end users have little control over it. It can be controlled from afar no matter what we do.

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and this holiday / after Eid / joy is the title
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