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Breeds represented were English springer spaniel (n=5), crossbreed above 20kg (n=4), flat coated retriever (n=4), whippet (n=3), border collie (n=2), Jack Russell terrier (n=2), Doberman (n=2) and one each of, Labrador retriever, cocker spaniel, Staffordshire bull terrier, Hungarian vizsla, Weimaraner, Dalmatian, Tibetan terrier and crossbreed below 20kg. Median age was 4.90years (1.00 11.75years). Ten were male neutered, seven were canada goose outlet england female neutered, six were male entire and seven were female entire.

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goose outlet canada [A Saudi led coalition of countries has] an economic embargo on Yemen, and in theory, this is to prevent the Houthis from getting the weapons that they need, but in effect, it is worsening the impact of this war in all kinds of terrible ways. For instance, essential food and medicines, which are in theory supposed to be let in, often get held up. The shipments canada goose outlet buffalo get blocked in Djibouti before they can get to Yemen, or sometimes they arrive and they’ve expired.. goose outlet canada

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