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final development of the spaceship

final development of the spaceship

I still think this is just a case of lexical ambiguity and poor defining conventions; the distinction between what is and isn a quirk, or part of a quirk, cheap swimwear is totally arbitrary. If Bird Head was his dad quirk, and he inherited it in full as well as another quirk, then the dude got two quirks or both the mutation and Dark Shadow both are part of the same quirk. But yeah that one thing that really been fucking with my head, all quirks are supposed to fit into the three categories, “emitter” “mutation” and “transformation”, but a lot of people with emitter quirks also have physical mutations that, on their own, would be considered quirks.

1 point submitted 3 days agoMy wife gave me endless shit about this. A co worker was going on a mountainbiking trip, and it looked like the trip wasn even going to make, so I joined in last minute, with three weeks to get a bike and get in biking shape for it. I in good shape otherwise, but she told me how impossible it was and a bad beach dresses idea, but never said she didn want me to go until I was committed.

Hey man thanks for the critique! I actually took it with a sony a7sii and it looks blurry because I scaled down the resolution (maybe a little too much) for reddit. I can assure you the actual file is much crisper than this. I also clipped the highlights like that on purpose because the image looked way too flat to me when I properly exposed them and I was more concerned with keeping the man properly exposed than the things around him.

Kobe was a master at getting off clean shots without a dribble because of his million moves in the post and mid range. It was a work of art. This is Harden biggest weakness offensively. If you at all worried about appearance in a swimsuit, don be. I see overweight people at the pool all the time, and half of them wear speedos. It always seems to be the obese people that insist on wearing banana hammocks, and I don know why.

Your grammar/punctuation is a bit all over the place I’m sure you’re aware to some degree. Incorrect capitalization, wrong verb tenses, wrong punctuation, etc. Lots of people won’t bother to critique your story with mistakes like that. Warden doesn really have too many attacks to do complex things. You have your basic heavy feint into side lights which are easy to react to. Feint into top light which is a little harder to react to but still easy to block and heavy feint into zone attack which has probably the best chance to catch the opponent..

Those ideas are actually pretty tough. Once my site gets better, I like to immediately look into recommendations. Something like an ingredient lookup so you could pop in what you got on hand, and it could tell you what you could make. Also I feel as though you completely undermined the power of her healing. Cause for 3 chakra it is easily one of the most powerful healing jutsu in the entire game especially with abilities which by that point no other healing jutsu can compete. At least in pure healing.