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cheap canada goose uk For me the attraction of Bangladesh is based on something that I can’t totally identify: cheap canada goose uk

maybe its discovering the roots that for years I feel I have neglected or perhaps its just escapism from a London life that can often seem pointless, regardless of motive this was my third visit in the last 12 months to a land and its people with whom I am finding increasing affinity.

The street children of Bangladesh are something that I have always been aware of on my visits (very difficult not to be), but due to maybe an inability to canada goose factory outlet do so (lame excuse) I have never really attempted to connect with and understand this community,

uk canada goose for the first time I had a framework within which to do this, namely Restless Beings. uk canada goose

I observed a range of cases, from those who were staying there fleetingly to others who

were practically permanent residents, at times it was very sad, in fact distressing the boys were visibly malnourished and the evening does bring out the ‘working girls’, what some have to do to sustain a basic living makes me sick.

canada goose factory sale Here is not the place to detail each individual case I observed, but to summarize my feelings: It is wrong to generalize the whole community as distressed, many of the kids seem happy with their own ‘habitat’ and are perhaps emotionally richer than many canada goose outlet reviews of us in the West. In fact, the kids were amazing, such characters, an idea would be to make a Bengali version of ‘City of God’ canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Outlet Having said this, witnessing things ‘on the ground’ reminds oneself that there are many who canada goose outlet vancouver through no fault of their own have been given hopeless starts in their lives and have a right to a support structure which will give them a chance to attaining respectful self sufficiency. Canada Goose Outlet

As a side note, on the way back, the Dhaka Dubai (home of the world’s only seven star hotel) leg of my trip provides an opportunity to have some form of chat with the many Bangladeshi expats living out there. The boy next to me described his conditions: impossibly low pay (when he does get paid), squashed in a camp with thousands of others.for some life is the cycle of exploitation.

canada goose Pre departure, my concerns were for myself: dengue fever (a close friend had recently contracted this potentially fatal condition in Colombo), the obvious heat and humidity (my first visit at this time of year) and a lack of good reading material for the plane (took a really worthy gamble with Khaled Hosseini’s’A Thousand splendid suns’). canada goose

I have arrived home safely and well but my fears are now far more pressing and for those I have left behind.

canada goose clearance Bangladesh: never the same. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap Every time I have visited this complicated, intricate and richly diverse site of so much more than just colour and rickshaws, I notice more change. The country is taking small yet significant steps towards something which in the people’s eyes, is progression. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose The middle class is slowly making themselves a space in which they can flourish. However the gaps between the rich and poor are, as always greater than ever and still widening. cheap Canada Goose

My trip was part play, part work, part research and partwell a desire to see more of what I saw but to see its changes.

Canada Goose Jackets Buildings were more frequently piercing the sky this year than my canada goose outlet uk last visit, however, the familiar rice fields, expanses of green in every shade and bamboo houses by the water were as still and present as I had left them. Life for some was moving faster, and for others, it lay still and rippled ever so slightly when the monsoon approached. That was the magic of the country which brought me back time and time again. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk shop Since our launch, RestlessBeings has spent so much time on marketing, events and tightening the skeleton for canada goose outlet black friday sale Project one. This canada goose outlet england was all executed in the UK, where, amongst the streets of London we leafleted, protested about the injustice in gigs of poetic explosions and networked our passions away so I felt canada goose outlet online uk privileged to actually have the opportunity to go to the heart of project one and actually spend some more time with and amongst the people who the project was dedicated to. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose sale Accompanied by my eyes, ears and orientation, Dr Zaki, our Bangladesh Project One Co Coordinator, Shoheb and Shipa, RestlessBeings Bangladesh Field workers and the Non Executive Director Saleh and our on field camera guy Shakir, I visited three main locations for three different purposes. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket Our first visit of the trip was to Kamalpur station, Dhaka. My co director, Mabrur Ahmed had made the same visit earlier this year in May and also in December 2007. I wanted to see whether there were any changes in the facilities available in the station and also to meet the new, and old children who occupied and some cases, ruled the station. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Online We were swamped with children, ranging from the 3 years to 16. Many were boys, their clothes torn, their skin dry and dehydrated and their frames smaller than their years but as always, there were all smiles and leaps of energy at our presence. As the field workers worked their way through the crowd by selecting some of the youngest children and talking to them about their day to day duties, and the ways, in which they protect themselves in the harsh streets, I canada goose outlet price took a little walk around the site these children call home. A looming concrete roof housed many, some passengers taking the train to distant corners of the country, some old and fragile and lying in the stations corners waiting until the night can come so they can sleep and disappear into a better world, and some, were these young bodies of hope, either carrying heavy loads and earning canada goose parka outlet a few taka’s as coolies (ten TK was the max some would get which is less than 10pence), whilst some sold their bodies for enough money to clothe and feed them, and some, just waited and watched until someone threw away any left over food or bottles with a few drops of soda or water left inside. For these children, the concrete walls, street and excruciating heat was too much and the pains were visible; a permanent frown on their face, ribs falling out of their bodies, dehydrated skin, swollen lower stomach signalling malnutrition and most importantly a look of stress and sadness in their eyes that was just unnatural for children canada goose outlet store toronto so young. Kamalpur station was the same, but the numbers of children had increased and my visit confirmed, that despite the presence of some wonderfully pro active NGO’s in the neighbourhood which offered a place of escape for a few hours a day, these children still had nothing but the baking concrete floor and station corners to rest their bodies at night. Exposed to more than just mosquitoes and angry wardens, some children fell into the arms of abusive adults, paedophiles and local mastans who imposed their money making, sex selling ideas, on young children who, in moments of desperate hunger and danger, would not think twice about selling their body. For some, the choice was not there, they had to enter such realms of self destruction. Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance sale My visit to Kamalpur canada goose coats uk was expectedly saddening and yet strengthening to see that a certain level of hope had not yet disappeared from some of these young children’s faces. They were still waiting to be taken away to a better place. For some it was too late, but for the positive majority, our presence was welcomed. One girl in particular, whose case I hold closely to my heart, was a young girl named Fatima. She left her abusive family to roam the streets of Dhaka hoping to find a job or some means of consistent sustenance. She found neither of those things and ended up in Kamalpur station where she resides with the other children in similar situation. The striking thing about this young girl was that at first glance, you would be forgiven for assuming she was a boy. Wearing a baggy green jumper torn by the neck, hair cut close to her scalp and shorts, she walked, ran and spoke the way a boy did. It was obvious after a while that she was putting it on. I asked her why and despite the fact that I have become desensitised to such morbidity, her response shocked me. Fatima had once again reminded me of the many other stories we had yet to encounter. She dressed and behaved like a boy so she would not be taken and used by the mastans or raped or abused by older boys who were also on the streets and heavily drug induced. Fatima, like the others, had had enough and needed to get out. In which ever way she could canada goose clearance sale

Our second visit, was to the property which RestlessBeings hopes to convert into the Rehab Centre Shelter for these children. The property was in the heart of Mohammedpur. It was the perfect location as we do not want to isolate the children entirely and give them any form of culture or lifestyle shock, we also feel, by remaining close to some of the slum communities, we can gradually nurture them via food, medication, canada goose jacket uk clothing, education, creativity and a clean, warm and safe place to stay at night. The property has two floors, with plans for a clinic with free medical care for the children residing at the RestlessBeings Rehab Centre. The rooms will be divided into bedrooms, play rooms, classrooms, offices and a roof top room were they can carry out creative projects and just relax and eat out. The property was quite run down, and requires some work, but the skeleton is perfect, and I knew immediately, it had something which we could nurture. It was raw and ready for goose outlet canada us and our young residents.

And finally, the last canada goose outlet shop visit was one to the outskirts of Dhaka were some of the largest slum colonies can be found. This trip was both emotionally and physically challenging for me. Some of the houses were made of old cardboard, bamboo, thin pieces canada goose outlet germany of wood and other materials from rubbish dumps. They were perched on thin bamboo slats about a foot, in canada goose outlet las vegas some cases only a few inches, canada goose outlet online above raw sewage. The smell was overwhelming and on some of our stops, it was difficult for our team to continue with our interviews of locals. Walking on top of bamboo canada goose outlet locations in toronto paths was quite difficult, it was unfamiliar territory for me and there was a constant fear of falling through. I thought I was being silly and paranoid at first, but these fears were re instilled after one of slum dwellers talked of how her two year old daughter had drowned after falling through rotting bamboo. The slum dwellers had been forced to move to a number of locations when the government required the land on which they dwelled to build more offices or to sell to rich investors. Despite the struggles and awful living conditions, the government refused to change canada goose outlet orlando or help in anyway and so the slum dwellers rebelled and built their homes elsewhere. Without any other option, what else can a family or individual do in such circumstances?

canadian goose jacket Despite the raw sewage, the water they drink by boiling this sewage, the food they eat very rarely and the unstable roof built on bamboo, canada goose outlet winnipeg the children of the slums were in better conditions than the children I had met in Kamalpur station. Some of these children had immediate family whilst others lived with aunties, uncles or grandparents and in some cases older siblings, after losing their parents to the consequences of poverty (starvation, illness, accidents in their canada goose outlet labour work which paid peanuts, prostitution etc). Organisations such as BRAC had successfully managed to get their aid workers into these slums and opened up small schools which not only encouraged the dire need for education amongst these socially rejected communities, but also re instilled a sense of hope in a colony which had given up on greater Dhaka and its governance. But it was all, welljust not enough. My opinion may canada goose outlet in vancouver be utopian, but surely, living on top of raw sewage and drinking and bathing in water from this and living in constant fear of disease, falling through your floor and flooding is not the way any human being should spend their years on this planet. A child in these circumstances is ridiculous! canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale These visits were beneficial in many ways for me. As one of the director’s of RestlessBeings, it reminded me of why we exist and what we want to be, but it also enabled me to meet and greet and communicate with some of the worst affected children who define our project. These children were the children who were either living alone on the streets of slum districts, who were either orphans or canada goose outlet in canada had no idea where their parents were, who were abused or in the danger of being abused due to their living canada goose outlet sale standards and who had lost hope. These children were the forgotten, most marginalised and silent children. Those, whose glimmers canada goose outlet montreal of hope were gone after years of pain and psychological bruising. Unfortunately, my visits exposed many of these children. They stood away from the crowds of excited children who ran towards the camera or foreign unfamiliar faces. They shy ed away when communicated to or walked off in anger as they had given up on these ‘invading’, ‘alien’ hands of hope who they had lost trust in. For RestlessBeings, these children buy canada goose uk were the ones with the greatest call for help. And my visit to Bangladesh was resonating so many of these calls. I have returned with a stronger need to push project one further into development and I cannot do this by myself. It can only be done collaboratively. For this, I need you because they need us and if we don’t do something now, they may grow up and canada goose outlet us harm themselves and others or never grow up at all because all their fears caught up with them. canada goose black friday sale

This past week, many interesting developments have been occurring internally with Restless Beings. Here’s a quick update:

canada goose store Firstly, to your delight, no doubt, we have introduced a fresh new website and this has been the work of our fantastic web developer, Mooktakim Ahmed, who joined us over a month ago. The directors have outlined to Mooktakim the ambitious plans for the website and over the forthcoming weeks and months, we will implement new, exciting features which make your charity contribution more interactive. For now, make yourself feel at home, have a look around on the forum and open a discussion on any subject that you want to bring to people’s attention. The blog arms you with an opportunity to challenge, debate and comment with the Restless Beings board who in turn will blog away of developments and issues on a weekly basis. We are in the process of integrating many new features, with the next being a gallery. Watch this space canada goose store.