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6 – Aftaf full cooks 7 – Department of food and drinks (Bus Boy – Waiter – Service – Assistant Captain – Captain – meters) Sports – Recreation (Beach workers – Lifeguards or Lifeguard – technicians change filters Spa Baths

9 – Department of housewife Keiping (cleaning rooms and public places in hotels)
10 – Special jobs for girls (Hostess – Reception Ordetiker – Massage – Witter – House Keppenig … Etc)
11 – maintenance workers (Plumbers – discussions – technicians cooling and air conditioning – electric – 12 – drivers (first class – second – Taltah)
13 – security personnel and guards without experience and security supervisors

14 – – Accommodation – laundry… Etc) – 15 – Gasal
Advantages: – 1 – Accommodation 2 – Transportation 3 – Three meals a day – 4 – Work 23 Day and 7 days vacation (one week vacation each month) 5 – insurance (health and social)
6 – bonuses and incentives – 7 – opportunities to rise
8- Language courses (for distinguished students only)
9 – Certificate of experience after 6 months
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