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Friends of Medicare wants to stamp out private clinics

Universal social programs are the problem

replica bags china Progress Alberta wants to end funding for private schools. Former education Designer Fake Bags minister David King wants to eliminate the Catholic school system. Dying with Dignity wants to de fund Designer Replica Bags facilities that won’t perform assisted death. Friends of Medicare wants to stamp out private clinics. Now we’ve got a new one: child care. replica bags china

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The Alberta Federation of Labour wants to phase out funding for parents who send their kids to a private day care. They are in year three of a campaign to convince aaa replica designer handbags the Alberta government to institute a $25 a day universal day care program delivered by the public sector. Replica Handbags We should pay close attention to what they are asking for. Considering the province has already commenced a pilot project for a $25 a day plan, they seem to have the ear of government.

high end replica bags The AFL makes a good point about the number of kids living below the low income cutoff 84,000 and the need to Fake Handbags support their parents with affordable child care to be able purse replica handbags to get them off to Replica Designer Handbags a good start. I could be persuaded to Replica Bags get behind that. high end replica bags

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bag replica high quality I understand the replica handbags china prime childbearing years are between age 25 and 35 when young couples are just starting their careers, are likely at the lower end of the income scale, and are shouldering a lot of debt. Paying completely for child care out of pocket could be an overwhelming burden for many families. bag replica high quality

replica bags buy online Right now, parents can be cheap replica handbags subsidized up to $638 per child (depending on the child’s age) if they earn less than $50,000 a year. The subsidy begins to phase out and parents are no longer eligible at an annual income of $62,000. Considering that child care Replica Bags Wholesale ranges from $1,000 a month to $1,800 a month, there is probably a good argument for increasing the subsidy to cover more middle income families. replica bags buy online

WATCH: Thousands more Alberta kids getting $25 a day child care

replica bags from china But the AFL loses me on two points. One, universality. Two, a public monopoly. replica bags from china

While wholesale replica designer handbags I can accept that most families with kids are probably of modest means, there are also families with two lawyers making $300,000 or more a high quality replica handbags year. Why should middle class taxpayers be subsidizing rich families? AFL’s Siobhan Vipond argues that subsidizing everyone in a nationwide program would bring 300,000 more women into the workforce and generate an extra $8 billion in federal tax revenue. I suppose if making government larger is your goal, that might be persuasive. But I am not interested in maximizing the size of government. In fact, if we had fewer universal social programs we would be able to have lower taxes, and families might be able to survive on a single income and not need child care.

best replica designer As for a public monopoly, Vipond argues that publicly delivered day care will be cheaper than privately delivered day care because it will eliminate “profit.” I’ve never understood the left’s resentment of private business. When a business earns profit it can be used to hire more workers, or pay them more, or offer Wholesale Replica Handbags enrichment programs, or expand the amount of spaces, or reduce fees. Profit is not a dirty word. best replica designer

LISTEN: The Alberta Association of Child Care Operators wants the government to reject union proposal

7a replica bags wholesale I also gravely doubt anything can be delivered more efficiently by a monopoly let alone a government monopoly. Unions always brag that the reason to join a union is because they can bargain for better wages. So under a unionized replica Purse public monopoly, wages will be higher, layers of administration and bureaucracy will Wholesale Replica Bags balloon (just as it has in health care and education), and the unions will take a cut in dues. It may be cheaper for those who are being Handbags Replica directly subsidized, because they will pay less out of pocket, but it will be a lot more expensive for taxpayers. 7a replica bags wholesale

replica bags Maybe we need to go in the opposite direction. Maybe none of our programs should be universal. Maybe as soon as you reach a certain level of income call it $300,000 to start you should have to pay your own way: pay for your own health insurance, your own university, your own kids education, your own child care. replica bags

It’s beginning to become apparent that universality is just a ruse to get more people hooked on government and paying more in KnockOff Handbags taxes. By all means, let’s be generous with those who replica handbags online need it. But let’s stop making subsidy junkies out of those who have the means to Fake Designer Bags take care of themselves.