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He crossed over a low spot of canada goose victoria parka

Adventure Short Story

canada goose uk outlet Mole on a MountainThe Cessna 210 zipped along at one hundred seventy five knots over the Sawtooth Mountains. canada goose coats uk Tony wasn’t enjoying the scenery though. As soon as the plane landed north of the Montana Canada border, he would be a dead man. canada goose uk outlet

He had spent more than a year infiltrating a drug cartel in northern Mexico until he was asked to be part of the crew for this delivery of methamphetamine. He and the pilot had boarded the plane in the early morning darkness to wait for their team leader to arrive. When Marco showed up, Tony nearly canada goose jacket outlet uk shit his pants.

Marco canada goose outlet near me had canada goose outlet in uk been more interested in getting the plane off the ground than in meeting his new partner and had gone directly to his seat next to the pilot and buckled himself in.

The two middle seats had been removed, leaving the two in front and the bench at the rear where Tony sat. The illegal cargo was stacked in the middle, the law on one side, the bad guys on the other.

It’s amazing, thought Tony. I arrested him in Denver for drug smuggling. He spent three years in a federal penitentiary. And he’s still an arrogant asshole.

“So you’re Antonio? Marco turned his head slowly and their eyes locked. In an instant, the two men were each looking down the barrel of their own FN five seven semi automatic pistol and into the barrel of another just like it.

canada goose clearance Marco tilted his head toward the pilot. canada goose outlet toronto location “Tito, Why is there a DEA agent on my plane?” canada goose clearance

” The pilot glanced canada goose outlet edmonton over his shoulder. “I don’ know nothing about that, Boss.”

“Tony. Antonio. I like the Spanish better. Let me remind you of my last words to you in Denver.” Marco turned farther in his seat and spoke with the passion of a stage actor. “Hope and pray, my friend, that we never meet again because the next time I see you, I will not hesitate, I will not even consider the consequences. I will simply kill you.” Marco’s finger tightened on the trigger.

For the next few hours, Tony forced himself to stay alert. He scanned the cabin. Next to the stack of meth were three parachutes. That was the extent of the cargo.

The plane sputtered and drifted downward.

Canada Goose Jackets “Que pasa?” Marco snapped forward. Canada Goose Jackets

“Ice in fuel line, but is gone now,” said Tito.

Canada Goose Outlet Tony looked out the window. The peaks of the Sawtooth mountain range rose nearly to the plane’s altitude. Canada Goose Outlet

“Get us up higher,” said Marco.

canada goose factory sale “I can’t get no more altitude, seor. The air, it is too thin.” canada goose factory sale

“I will try to fly around the highest peaks, but there are many.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap “Then turn us around.” Marco was sweating. He pulled off his coat. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats “Hold on!” Tito strained at the controls. The side of the mountain took up their whole field of vision. The belly of the plane glanced off the rocky peak. Boulders bounced and rolled down the snow covered slopes to the trees beyond. canada goose coats

“They call you El Mejor for this?” Marco shouted. “Get us out of here.”

He was falling too fast. If he hit stone or ice at this speed there wouldn’t be enough left of him to scrape up and bury.

Movement caught his eye. Two other parachutes were descending toward the lake. The zing of a bullet passing close brought him back into the moment. He could attempt to land on the ice and climb down if he survived, or he could stay aloft and try to maneuver the parachute down the side of the mountain. Another zing and Tony was on his way.

His fingers were frozen. He could barely grip the steering lines. He crossed over a low spot of canada goose victoria parka outlet the peak and watched the alpine terrain sweep away. He shot down the side of the mountain, a juggernaut from danger into danger.

He canada goose outlet official passed the tree line and swooped toward a stand of leafless aspens. Branches ripped his coat and tore into the exposed flesh of his face. The point of a sturdy, broken branch punctured his thigh. He came to a swinging rest, twenty feet above the forest floor. Blood dripped from his leg creating a pattern of red dots on the snow below.

canadian goose jacket Shouts from above told him that Marco and Tito were having better luck than he. Tony unbuckled the parachute straps and dropped to the ground. The impact sent lightning bolts of pain through his torn thigh muscle. canadian goose jacket

He removed his shirt and wrapped the wound to stop the bleeding. He followed the downhill slope of the mountainside and shuffled his way through the knee deep snow.

A clearing lay directly ahead, lit by the midday sun that glinted off ice cycles hanging from the roof of a decrepit barn. Voices drifted his way. HIs pursuers were searching for him inside. He took advantage of their wasted time and continued downhill.

canada goose cheap canada goose jacket clearance sale The sunshine faded and clouds claimed their territory. Wind came down the mountainside carrying sheets of snow. Tony stumbled over grave markers that had become part of the forest floor. What survival story did these people have to tell? He would never know. He had his own survival to think about. canada goose clearance sale

A piece of thick tree bark canada goose outlet in usa served as a shovel. Tony piled snow as high as he could. Bloody patches marked where he had crawled, pushing the bark ahead of him like a bulldozer. He dug out a cave in the snow dome and covered the doorway with the tree bark.