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He has four sons of the finest men And the most beautiful of

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Hermes Replica Bags They deserve their remembrance and knowledge in our conversation today about a man Linking past and present is best not only for his family or for his family Or his tribe is the best for a whole society is always reminded of the good man Qadah personally with him on one of the occasions of consolation and was a humble man and his great ethics Vddany me of people has died and reminded them of good words, including my father, God’s mercy on them, this man lost his important great and has fingerprints in the act of good,The proceeds of the water and has many things asked God to reward the best in the rich veteran father Muthanna Ahmed rinsing about 89 years old is still in good health and mental balanced and the owner of Ray and his word audible to everyone and a son of wise men and owners of knowledge and consultation, He lives in the west of the State of Qatar, a country of good, tender and loving, or if he is in Yemen, adding to his generosity, courage, courage, heroic attitude and his guidance and effort with everyone for his pursuit of good job opportunities for many of our people. He has four sons of the finest men And the most beautiful of them are the virtues: – (Ahmed) officer Security and Safety
Ras Laffan
Ali Project Engineer (Qatar Port Management Company)

Senior Supervisor of Foreign Projects Barwa
Tarek Deputy Police Trainer Police Training Institute

– Helping the needy and adhering to the Kabyle tradition mixed with contemporary nature, making it a beautiful mix between A man who has many positive attitudes in reunion and represents his large family in any forum or occasion belonging to the people of Riyadh in Qatar is considered one of the first Yemeni immigrants To the State of Qatar and settled where he and his children as citizens.

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