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He recognized his car siren was on and went back to turn it

the Toronto police officer shoot

7a replica bags wholesale But many are rightfully praising the policeman’s actions, and at the same time comparing them to the actions taken in other Replica Handbags situations that have had significantly different outcomes. 7a replica bags wholesale


replica bags buy online This begs the question: Handbags Replica Why didn’t the police officer, now identified as Const. Ken replica handbags online Lam, shoot the suspect? The suspect Designer Replica Bags appeared to be wielding a weapon as he walked toward Lam, and at one point even pleaded replica Purse with the police officer to shoot him. replica bags buy online

replica designer bags wholesale As a former police officer and Fake Handbags someone who studies police issues including use of force replica handbags china this situation is a case study on how things Replica Designer Handbags can go very right. replica designer bags wholesale

My initial reaction to the videos of the van driver’s arrest was that the police officer was professional and acting within his own assessment of the situation. This is critical. Likewise, police use of force models provide a framework for training and assistance in decision making. But like the Criminal Code, they don’t provide a legal basis or a rationale for the use of force in any particular situation. There are many times when police officers could wholesale replica designer handbags legally use deadly force, but don’t.

Most of these situations do not show up in the news that evening. aaa replica designer handbags These Fake Designer Bags situations mostly pass by unnoticed and unreported. This case made international headlines due to the nature of the crimes being investigated, and the presence of video footage of the arrest.

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How Toronto police officers are trained to active situations

cheap designer bags replica What went right this time? cheap designer bags replica

replica bags online First, you had a clearly well Replica bags trained police officer who was acting in a professional manner. This is what we expect from our police. replica bags online

high quality replica bags The suspect had everything going for him in order to survive his arrest. It took place in bright sunlight, but without the sun shining in the officer’s eyes. The suspect was silhouetted against a white van, which likely provided a clearer outline of the object in the suspect’s hands. high quality replica bags

best replica designer The suspect did not take a typical shooting stance, but stood upright with his shoulders back. He was not aiming an object, but pointing it from the shoulder. best replica designer

replica designer bags From the video, it appears the suspect was yelling cheap replica handbags for the police officer to shoot him. He dropped his arm to KnockOff Handbags his side and brought it back up again as if pointing a weapon at the police officer. He recognized his car siren was on and went back to turn it off. This shows that he did not have tunnel vision or hearing. With the siren off, clearer communications were possible. replica designer bags

best replica bags online WATCH ABOVE:Officer praised for arrest of Toronto van attack suspect Alek Minassian best replica bags online

I do not know what the police purse replica handbags officer was thinking, but what came to my mind was an attempt by the suspect of a “suicide by cop.” This is a situation where a suspect tries to goad the police into Replica Bags using deadly Replica Bags Wholesale force.

This by itself does Designer Fake Bags not negate the risk to police and others. There are occasions when the use of deadly force is appropriate even when it is a purposeful attempt to have someone else kill them. Wholesale Replica Bags Some suspects do follow through on their threats in order to goad police into the high quality replica handbags use of force. But not this time.