He was worried because Greg was to be in LA

Starring: Asa Butterfield as Jacob Portman, Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, Ella Purnell as Emma Bloom, Samuel L. Jackson as Barron, Allison Janney as Dr. Golan, Aiden Flowers as 10 Year Old Jacob, Terence Stamp as Abraham Portman, Judi Dench as Miss Avocet, Pixie Davies as Bronwyn, O Lan Jones as Shelley, Milo Parker as Hugh, Ella Wahlestedt as Prettiest Girl, Chris O as Franklin Portman, Raffiella Chapman as Claire, Lauren McCrostie as Olive, Dino Fazzani as Pier Worker / Running Dad and Child, Finlay MacMillan as Enoch O’Connor, Scott Handy as Mr.

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